Trade Groups to Offer FDA-Like ‘Nutrition Labels’ for Data Quality (MediaPost)

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by @mp_joemandese

Three top trade groups — Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) and Data & Marketing Association (DMA) — this morning announced plans to develop audience “data quality labeling standards.”

The initiative, which is being conducted with 15 DMA member companies, is intended to help standardize data quality and transparency for marketers. In a joint statement, the organizations likened the initiative to the Food & Drug Administration’s nutrition labeling standards for food products.

“DMA aims to deploy a standard data label – much like an FDA-approved nutrition label – that displays data segment ingredients in a simple and transparent fashion,” they stated.

No time line or explicit process was outlined, but the organizations said interested parties can visit the DMA’s Council for Data Integrity for more information.

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