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The media landscape is changing dramatically, and the television marketplace is changing
with it.

There has been a significant shift from a TV landscape to a multi-platform, multi-screen media environment, driven by new forms of data. These changes are driving the need for content providers, media agencies, and advertisers to understand and measure the impact of their content as it is consumed across multiple screens. The media research initiatives funded by CIMM ensure that effective media measurement keeps pace with the rapidly changing media, technology and data environment.

Membership in CIMM enables you and your company to have a voice in the future of media measurement. Through CIMM, you will have the opportunity to collaborate and participate with other industry research leaders as we design and pilot test new technologies and methodologies shaping our industry.

Membership gives your company access to

  • An extensive program of member-only events for learning and dialogue.
  • A growing portfolio of research initiatives, shaped by and for our members.
  • Participation in Working Groups and Project Steering Committees (as applicable).
  • Opportunities to present and showcase new innovations in virtual and in-person events.
  • Bespoke advice and insights, drawing on senior experience.

CIMM’s program of events include


Monthly member meetings

Providing updates on CIMM activities, plus three speaking slots for

  • Innovative new offerings, solutions, products, etc.
  • External guest speakers
  •  Industry panels and discussions


CIMM Salons & Deep dives

Invite-only sessions with 20-30 expert participants, debating a particular topic or issue, supported by research. Salons have a post-event briefing note provided to CIMM members.


International Knowledge Exchange

2 per year, focused on exploring latest developments in new markets; in partnership with egta, WFA, EACA.


CIMM Summits

Three in per year; one full day event in NYC (Fall), two half-day events (West Coast & East Coast) at CES, NYC, and Cannes, focused on the latest developments and innovations. A platform for our members.


Other opportunities

We also provide speaking opportunities at partner events including Beet Retreats, AWNY, etc. and are happy to develop bespoke events to support members, on request.

CIMM’s Membership Tiers & Cost Structure

CIMM membership fees are pro-rated annually and cover full access to our entire program for all members of your company – all events, research, and other benefits – there are no hidden costs. 

Tier one

Steering Committee

Oversight of CIMM’s strategic priorities, early access to projects and speaking opportunities, budget approval and unlimited involvement in working groups


Note: Steering Committee membership is not open to vendors.

Tier two

General Member

Active participation in CIMM events, meetings and projects; involvement in up to two working groups to help identify research priorities; access to all projects and research


Tier three

Vendors, suppliers and platforms

Active participation in CIMM events, meetings and projects, as well as involvement in up to two working groups to help identify research priorities. Vendors are guaranteed speaking opportunities at CIMM Summits.

for Large Vendors, Suppliers, and Platforms


for Small Vendors, Suppliers, and Platforms


by agreement

Tier four

Trade Bodies / Non-Profits / SMEs

Discretionary rate available to smaller-businesses and early-stage companies.

**We offer a discretionary rate for non-profits, sole traders and SMBs, available on request.

Tier five

International Members

launching in Q1 2024, commencing with CIMM’s new  European Measurement Innovation Forum.