The Future of Clean Rooms and Data Collaboration

The practice of data collaboration in the world of TV and video advertising is evolving in the face of changes to consumer privacy laws, regulations, and accepted norms. Today, the industry is investing heavily to transition to a new way of managing and supporting data collaboration to set itself up for a more sustainable future, […]

truth{set} Household Identity Accuracy Project

CIMM collaborated with industry partners to support a new initiative, focused on improving the accuracy of Householding Identity. PROJECT OBJECTIVE Develop confidence scores that quantify the accuracy of the linkages between person-level identifiers (e.g. hashed e-mails) and households (as represented by postal address) BENEFITS TO ADVERTISING ECOSYSTEM ➔ A new service to validate the accuracy […]

Television Data Match Rate & Match Bias Study

This report is the final deliverable for a study commissioned by CIMM in late 2021, designed to explorevariations in match rates across a range of identity resolution (IDR) providers – and the reasons forthese variations. The study had a relatively simple objective – investigate the extent to which post-match televisionviewing profiles differed from the original […]

Combining Set Top Box and Smart TV ACR Data

CIMM elected to execute an industry study to pursue the advancement of measurement andreporting of commingled Set Top Box and Smart TV ACR data. The project goal was as follows: Assess the strengths and weaknesses of Smart TV ACR and Set Top Box data to inform bestpractices for combining them at the household level to […]

Getting Attribution Right An Exploration and Best Practices for Television Data Inputs in Attribution Modeling September 2020

Attribution providers offer many different approaches, including relying on different modeling techniques and data sources. These different approaches frequently lead to different results and business decisions. CIMM sought to unpack this issue and learn a bit more about what drives the difference in attribution results. And share best practices in data inputs, where appropriate. Accurate […]

TAXI Complete: The Media Industry’s “UPC Code” for Tracking Video Across Platforms

Everyday video content and advertising are being served up to consumers across a complex array of video platforms, including linear/live TV, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Video on Demand (VOD), Over the Top (OTT) and digital media like YouTube and Facebook. The proliferation of video outlets beyond the first screen has been a boon to consumers […]

Enriching Media Data: Quality is Key Requisite for Maximizing ROI

In recent years the Marketing and Advertising industry has accelerated the integration of large data sets to provide richer insights for linking advertising and promotional efforts with consumer response. These applications have reached critical mass for digital media placement and are gaining traction in the TV advertising arena. The sheer volume and appearance of different […]

Best Practices in Matching Databases to Set-Top Box Data

This whitepaper is a logical extension of CIMM’s prior “Roadmap for Set-Top Box Data” study that focused on the state of STB data as it is currently being used to support a wide range of applications from marketing and carriage negotiations, granular analyses of programming and advertising, to enabling various types of geographic and household […]