How Multi-Screen Consumers Are Changing Media Dynamics

The media landscape as we know it is rapidly changing, driven by the expansion of consumer viewing habits from TV alone to the combination of digital platforms and TV. Innovative upstarts that make TV content available on digital platforms, major media companies enabling their content online and on mobile, and the rapid adoption of smartphones, […]

The Future of Clean Rooms and Data Collaboration

The practice of data collaboration in the world of TV and video advertising is evolving in the face of changes to consumer privacy laws, regulations, and accepted norms. Today, the industry is investing heavily to transition to a new way of managing and supporting data collaboration to set itself up for a more sustainable future, […]

Smart(er) TV Data for Measurement Initiative

Smart TV data is a vital input for media measurement solutions as it provides a view of traditionaltelevision whose viewing is decreasing and newer over the top (OTT) viewing and activities whoseviewing is increasing, has national representation, and scale of data to support advance buyingand measurement insights. This project’s objective is to assess the various […]

Future of ROI and ROAS Measurement

This report explores the most promising new developments in ROI and ROAS measurement,including MMM, singlesource, random control trials, MTA (a breed of singlesource which arosefrom digital), agent based modeling (ABM – MMM projected down to simulated household level),and other new methods. The cross-analysis of media spend and sales data to deduce the contribution to incrementalsales […]

TAXI Complete: The Media Industry’s “UPC Code” for Tracking Video Across Platforms

Everyday video content and advertising are being served up to consumers across a complex array of video platforms, including linear/live TV, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Video on Demand (VOD), Over the Top (OTT) and digital media like YouTube and Facebook. The proliferation of video outlets beyond the first screen has been a boon to consumers […]

Total View: Measuring the Changing Video Landscape

Leading media brands, including both broadcast and cable networks, are providing consumers with more choice in how they consume video than ever before. The media industry has migrated quickly from a “TV” business to a “Total Video” business, as consumers have more control over when they use video and how. Leading broadcast and cable networks […]