Smart(er) TV Data for Measurement Initiative

Smart TV data is a vital input for media measurement solutions as it provides a view of traditionaltelevision whose viewing is decreasing and newer over the top (OTT) viewing and activities whoseviewing is increasing, has national representation, and scale of data to support advance buyingand measurement insights. This project’s objective is to assess the various […]

Privacy and the Future of TV Advertising

Privacy regulations and platform policies are creating significant uncertainties for the advertising industry and its data practices. With the rise of connected TV (CTV) alongside broadcast/linear, planning, activation, and measurement solutions have been iterating for a number of years, and privacy changes are only adding to the state of flux. To date, TV companies have […]

Future of ROI and ROAS Measurement

This report explores the most promising new developments in ROI and ROAS measurement,including MMM, singlesource, random control trials, MTA (a breed of singlesource which arosefrom digital), agent based modeling (ABM – MMM projected down to simulated household level),and other new methods. The cross-analysis of media spend and sales data to deduce the contribution to incrementalsales […]

CIMM Convergent TV Measurement Guide: Understanding Innovation in Video Measurement 

CIMM’s Convergent TV Measurement Guide is intended to provide a broad overview of theofferings and methodologies provided by many of the leading TV measurement providersoperating in the US market. It is based on an extensive, six-month process of engagement withthe industry and peer review by a wide range of leading industry stakeholders. It represents themost […]

Industry Perspectives on the Transition to a Multi-currency TV Marketplace

The TV market is rapidly changing due to a number of factors which are too numerous to catalogue – spanning from changing consumer preferences to new data sets, distribution channels, monetization approaches and advertising models. TV measurement and currency have also evolved, but at a slower pace, resulting in an incomplete picture of even basic […]

Investigating the Industry Opportunity for Standardized TV/Video Ad Impressions

The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) is interested in understanding the potential for the media and advertising industries to consider moving towards a standardized metric or currency for buying/selling ads across traditional linear TV and digital platforms including on-demand TV content as well as long and short form video on digital platforms. The goal […]

Best Practices in Cross-Device and Cross-Channel Identity Measurement

Through developments in new technology, the advertising and marketing industry hasbeen moving closer and closer to what has been called “People-Based Marketing.”Although it has been discussed for many years, the practice of mapping consumeridentities across all channels (online and offline) and digital devices (PCs, mobile phones,tablets, smart TVs, etc.) has been, until recently, largely focused […]