CIMM Convergent TV Measurement Guide: Understanding Innovation in Video Measurement 

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CIMM’s Convergent TV Measurement Guide is intended to provide a broad overview of the
offerings and methodologies provided by many of the leading TV measurement providers
operating in the US market. It is based on an extensive, six-month process of engagement with
the industry and peer review by a wide range of leading industry stakeholders. It represents the
most comprehensive review of existing measurement solutions available in the market today,
providing a detailed overview of eight measurement providers in the Measurement Providers
Profile section, unpacking the data and methodologies used to create their respective solutions.

We hope this Guide will help industry participants to understand the changes facing the television
ecosystem and the business needs of marketers, ad buyers and ad sellers that are driving new
measurement solutions.

In preparing this Guide, we found that the gap between television and digital advertising is
narrower than it’s ever been, thanks to measurement innovation by the leading measurement
providers profiled here. Measurement innovation enables television, a historically upper funnel
sales channel, to compete more effectively with digital media and other lower funnel sales
channels. Measurement innovation enables television to prove itself in an increasingly convergent
digital ad ecosystem.

Measurement providers are embracing the need for radical transformation, to address the
desire of marketers for speed, audience-based targeting, granular insights, and more precise
performance measurements. Marketers value objective, third party measurement to negotiate
pricing of ads inventory, to reach audiences relevant to their brands, to continuously optimize
TV ad investments, and to continuously measure performance across platforms. Measurement
providers are powering linear TV and streaming ad investments with advanced measurement
solutions to accelerate revenue growth for both brands and publishers.

We believe the guide presents a positive, insightful overview of a fast-changing, competitive
marketplace. It is, perhaps inevitably, long and detailed – measurement is complex and often
challenging, and the guide reflects this.

The Coalition of Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) wishes to express its sincere thanks to
the participating measurement providers and our team of expert reviewers. Without the detailed
responses to CIMM’s request for information by measurement providers, and their willingness
to explain and share, this Guide would not be possible. Without the feedback from our expert
reviewers, this Guide would not be possible.

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