Total View: Measuring the Changing Video Landscape

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Leading media brands, including both broadcast and cable networks, are providing consumers with more choice in how they consume video than ever before. The media industry has migrated quickly from a “TV” business to a “Total Video” business, as consumers have more control over when they use video and how.

Leading broadcast and cable networks are on the forefront of this innovation. Video content is available on smartphones and tablets through branded apps as well as “TV Everywhere” apps provided by MVPDs – multichannel video programming distributors including cable, satellite and telco operators. Video libraries are being expanded – broadcast and cable networks are making even more video content available via VOD – and the ecosystem is being further complicated by SVOD providers like Netflix and content owners making their own over-the-top “OTT” apps.

Consumers, simply put, have a wider selection of video choices than they have had at any time in our media history. The great disrupter has been the Internet and the rapid adoption by consumers of smartphones, tablets and other connected devices. Of course, millions of consumers continue to watch video on a “live” basis using the traditional TV set, but consumers who connect with content via mobile devices, Smart TVs, Apps, OTT, VOD and DVR represent an important and growing segment of consumers.

CIMM realized early on that measurement systems need to be adapted and evolve from a “TV” measurement system to a cross-platform measurement system. CIMM initiated a series of cross-platform measurement pilot studies designed to bring true cross-platform measurement to the marketplace.

These studies helped detail that while the prevailing belief is that there have been “declines” in television viewing, video viewing is actually stronger than ever. Therefore, were such perceived declines real, or were they a function of inadequate and incomplete measurement? The cross-platform measurement research and development studies piloted by CIMM showed that when accurate measurement was applied, counting all video consumption, the actual GRPs available in the marketplace, tell a strong story about the true value of video ad inventory for our advertiser and advertising agency clients.

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