CIMM DEFINITION: A cooperative group of network advertisers which has developed a set of privacy principles in conjunction with the Federal Trade Commission. (Source: IAB)

Note – The NAI provides consumers with explanations of Internet advertising practices and how they affect both consumers and the Internet. See networkadvertising.org for more information. (Source: IAB)

Naked Domain

July 25, 2012

See also: Domain

Naked Domain: An internet name without the www as a prefix.


July 25, 2012

See also: Slivercasting

CIMM DEFINITION: Choosing and feeding out different content to different segments of viewers based on demographic, geographic or lifestyle profiles.

2: A term also used to describe cable networks and their position in the marketplace vis a vis broadcast networks. Cable networks generally program and appeal to special interest sub-sets (and therefore narrow and niche segments) of the viewing population such as music or gardening or cooking, for example.

CIMM DEFINITION: The ability on both a national and local level to estimate viewing and usage performance based on a sample.

National Roll Up

July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: National roll up is the process of matching time zone and local schedules to produce reliable and accurate national program and spot measurement.  Unscheduled delays, differences in markets are accounted for by using as-run data as well as auditing spot start times with our fast forward data (does viewership line up as expected with spots at higher fast forward periods). (Source: TIVO)

Native Application

July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Typically an application which is written for the operating system of a receiver (Set-Top Box) rather than the middleware standard that may also be running on the receiver. ETV User Agents are implemented as native applications.  (Source: Unisoft)

Native HD

July 25, 2012

See also: High Definition Television

CIMM DEFINITION: Refers to content filmed in HD, and does NOT apply to converted material.

Natural Interference

July 25, 2012

See also: Jamming, Interference, Noise, Atmospheric Interference

CIMM DEFINITION: Electromagnetic interference with a signal that is causes by natural disturbances or phenomena that occurs outside the atmosphere of the earth.

Navigation Display Ad

July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Non-video ad unit that is embedded in navigation interface or content; may include ability to click to video ad.


July 25, 2012

See also: Electronic Programming Guide, Interactive Program Guide

CIMM DEFINITION: Similar to EPG or IPG, an navigator may offer some additional services and applications outside of the core TV guidance functionality including VOD services, virtual channel, customer care. (Source: FourthWall Media)