The 4A’s and CIMM Launch Joint Study with ThinkMedium To Explore Privacy and the future of TV measurement and advanced TV advertising

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Industry initiative will explore perspectives and experiences to develop practical recommendations for solutions that may be most viable given evolving privacy requirements. 

The 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies) and the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) announced the launch of a new study with consulting firms ThinkMedium and Shullman Advisory to explore the impact of an ever-growing roster of state-level privacy laws and platform requirements, their impact on the future of TV measurement and advanced TV advertising, and potential solutions that will work for the advertising ecosystem.

Working closely and collaboratively with the industry, the study will take stock of recent industry developments, assessing the extent to which there is a strong and practical case for collective industry action, over and above existing initiatives and individual company efforts, to address privacy-related risks and challenges facing TV measurement solutions and ATVA offerings.

This will involve exploring a wide range of issues, including:

  • Industry perspectives on recent developments in the privacy landscape and changing legal and policy practices, including those set by relevant platform providers. 
  • The impact of privacy laws/regulations and policies on TV and video measurement and on the evolution of the multi-currency marketplace. 
  • Levels of confidence about the ability of the industry to make progress in key areas while navigating changing regulations and policies.
  • The extent to which relevant supply chains are optimized to support privacy practices and consent.
  • Opportunities for innovation, especially at the intersection of regulation, policy, technology, and commercial and strategic incentives. 
  • Practical recommendations, frameworks, and tools that can help the industry to manage the transition successfully.

“The fast-developing privacy landscape is hugely important for CIMM’s members, as TV transitions into a multi-currency marketplace and becomes more addressable, automated and data-driven. Individual companies have already taken numerous important steps to safeguard and protect consumer privacy and to empower users. This project will look ahead at the fast-changing landscape, developing practical recommendations and exploring the scope for collective, collaborative action to support the industry,” said Jon Watts, Managing Director of CIMM.

“As governments around the world continue to pass new and expansive privacy laws at a rapid pace, the pressure on agencies to apply these expansive laws across a multitude of new and evolving channels continues to grow,” said Ashwini Karandikar, EVP, Media, Data & Tech, 4A’s. “The phenomenal growth of streaming over the past decade represents both an opportunity and a challenge – how do we continue this upward trajectory, while ensuring that as an industry we understand and respect the growing desire of consumers to have their privacy protected, and their viewing experience frictionless? Given the inflection point we’ve now reached between streaming’s growth and the proliferation of new privacy laws around the world, this project couldn’t be more timely.” 

CIMM and the 4A’s will work with advisory services firms, ThinkMedium and Shullman Advisory to deliver the project.  “We are thrilled to be working on this important project with the 4A’s, CIMM, and Shullman Advisory, to create a set of actionable outputs for industry stakeholders. Assessing and solving for measurement and other key use cases in TV and video advertising can have a hugely positive impact on the ecosystem. Applying the evolving privacy-landscape lens to the practices of today and tomorrow will provide buyers, sellers, and technology providers a vital view into the most durable and future-proofed solutions,” said Dennis Buchheim, President, ThinkMedium.

About CIMM
The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) is a not-for-profit industry body focused on cultivating improvements, best practices and innovations in measurement and currency development, new metrics, and data collaboration and enablement across the media and advertising ecosystem. CIMM’s members include leading TV and video content providers, media buying agencies, large advertisers, pay TV distributors, CTV platforms, programmatic platforms, data and measurement providers, adtech vendors, and other industry participants. CIMM is a division of the ARF (Advertising Research Foundation), which aims to further, through research, the scientific practice of advertising and marketing.

CIMM is currently working across a diverse range of projects, including initiatives focused on supporting local TV measurement, improving Smart TV data, the future of clean rooms and data collaboration, data matching, and other areas.

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About the 4A’s
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