Lead-out Percentage

August 14, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: The percent of inherited audience flow from the prior program or other content that followed sequentially.

2: The definition can be read as the audience that is inherited by the following program as opposed to the audience that remains at the conclusion of a program and is passed on to the next. (Source: Invidi)

NOTE – Different Latency rules.

CIMM DEFINITION: A telecommunications provider company divided into incumbent and competitive. Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier is the original carrier in a market or a footprint often once holding a monopoly on the service and subject to different regulations than CLECs. CLECs, competitive service providers, are newer providers that now compete with ILECs. (Source: Wikipedia)

Legacy Boxes

August 14, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Older versions of Set-Top Boxes with traditional functionality. Not state of the art.

2: Majority of the Set-Top Boxes currently in the consumers’ homes in the US. In the cable space in general, any Set-Top Box that’s not Tru2way enabled is a Legacy Box. (Source: FourthWall Media)

NOTE – Has less or different back channel data to collect. Inability to collect all the data you can collect on the older boxes.

NOTE – The households that still have legacy boxes are different from those with state of the art new boxes. May need to weight data for box type.

NOTE – FourthWall Media’s Event Stream Collector stores up to seven days of second-by-second measurement data on even the least capable legacy Set-Top Boxes, so no special treatment is required for any two-way legacy STB. Data is normally uploaded to the collection server daily, and the seven day cache is provided merely for fault-tolerance. (Source: FourthWall Media)

NOTE – What is the definition of older and what is the traditional functionality?  When does a box become a legacy box?  (Source: Invidi)

Length of Screen View

July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Duration of display before subscriber navigates away or the content times out. (Source: CTAM Advanced Cable Solutions Consortium, itv Metrics)


August 14, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: The amount of time logged during a specific tuning event, often expressed as an average of all tuning event durations for a given network. (Source: Nielsen)


August 14, 2012

See also: Widescreen

CIMM DEFINITION: Letterbox is the term used when 16:9 content is viewed on a 4:3 screen. In order to display the widescreen content without distortion or missing parts of the picture, the television will place black bars at the top and bottom of the image.


July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Typically used to describe a listing of older titles / programming available to viewers On-Demand.

Library VOD

July 25, 2012

See also: VOD on MSO Library

CIMM DEFINITION: Measurement of VOD content that may or may not have identical linear commercials or may or may not have aired on linear TV.  To enable measurement, content must be encoded. (Source: Nielsen)

Light Carrier

August 14, 2012

See also: Carrier, Heavy Carrier, Common Carrier

CIMM DEFINITION: A carrier that leases its facilities rather than owns the network it uses to provide services.

See also: Logs

CIMM DEFINITION: The detailed schedule of the network or channel indicating which programs are airing at what time and for how long and what channel space that network occupies. Sometimes includes details like Ad Occurrences. Containing Network Carriage, Program Line-Ups and Ad Occurrences.