CIMM’s initiatives are all related to the two goals of improving television measurement through the use of return path data and finding solutions for cross-platform video measurement.  CIMM began both initiatives with Requests for Information (RFIs), and continues to seek out solutions and vendors globally.  From these explorations, the next steps have either been Requests for Proposals (RFPs), the funding of proof-of-concept Pilot Tests, and/or whitepapers and lexicons.  The two latter approaches have served to educate members and the industry on the issues and challenges, as well as to identify specific areas for innovation, since this is an iterative process to move forward different parts of the solutions.  CIMM provides its findings to members for an exclusive time, and then makes the findings available publicly.

Findings and reports are provided under each initiative.  Additionally, any open RFP’s can be found in that section.  Presentations reporting on many of these initiatives are given at the Cross-Platform Media Measurement & Data Summits in New York. These can be found in that section.

Recent accomplishments include:

TV Data Interoperability & ID Resolution Initiative:  CIMM funded a design initiative in 2020 with EY that grew from their Future of TV Workshops with senior TV buyers and sellers.  The project included confidential interviews with marketers, agencies, networks and MVPDs, combined with a Workshop to finalize the attached design for TV Data Interoperability & ID Resolution.  (See Cross-Platform Measurement).

Best Practices in Combining Smart TV and STB Data

In 2021, Janus Strategy & Insights and Pre-Meditated Media completed a 2-phase report on how to commingle Smart TV and STB Data to create scaled datasets that are as nationally representative as possible.   Scaled, granular TV datasets are one of the building blocks necessary for cross-platform video measurement.  Phase 1 covered interviews with all the underlying Smart TV and STB data providers.  Phase 2 included deeper discussions with companies who are conducting the combinations.  (See Advanced TV & Data)

TV Attribution

CIMM has completed a number of projects about the new practice of TV Attribution, starting with an overview of Media Mix Modeling and Attribution and moving to a Guide to TV Attribution Providers and the most recent Study to Unpack Data Inputs into TV Attribution. The latest report unpacks some of the reasons why TV Attribution providers can provide different results for the same campaign.  (See Attribution & ROI)

Advertising Metadata Standardization Initiative

In 2020, CIMM launched this collaboration between media industry associations and companies involved in digital and TV attribution/ROI analysis to standardize nomenclature, metadata fields and file formats throughout the ecosystem.  (See AMSI & TAXI Complete)

Cross-Platform Video Measurement Pilot Tests

CIMM has run innovative Pilot Tests with a number of research & technology providers to measure deduplicated reach across video platforms and also to enable cross-media planning. Partners include: Comscore, Arbitron (now Nielsen), RealityMine & TVision Insights and the Media Behavior Institute’s test of USA Touchpoints (modeled on the successful service the U.K.)


CIMM has funded a number of ground-breaking whitepapers to help members stay up-to-speed with fast changing developments in TV and cross-media measurement.  Members have exclusive rights to use the information in these whitepapers for up to three months before they are released publicly on the CIMM website.

  • Industry Opportunity for Standardized TV/Video Ad Impressions (2018)
  • ROI/Attribution Provider Guide (2018)
  • Current Practices in Attribution and ROI Analysis (collaboration with 4A’s) (2017)
  • Best Practices in Cross-Device and Cross-Channel Identity Measurement (2016)
  • Enriching Media Data: Quality is the Key to ROI (2015)
  • Roadmap for Set Top Box Data (2010 & 2012 Update)
  • Best Practices in Matching Datasets to Set Top Box Data (2011)
  • Best Practices in Cross-Platform Advertising Effectiveness Measurement (2011)


CIMM produced a Lexicon of more than 2500 definitions to explain Advanced TV Advertising and Return Path Data to the media industry. The Lexicon was designed to help members and others understand the complexity of technological change, and to support the development of innovation in TV measurement and advanced advertising applications.