CIMM’s initiatives are all related to the two goals of improving television measurement through the use of return path data and finding solutions for cross-platform video measurement.  CIMM began both initiatives with Requests for Information (RFIs), and continues to seek out solutions and vendors globally.  From these explorations, the next steps have either been Requests for Proposals (RFPs), the funding of proof-of-concept Pilot Tests, and/or whitepapers and lexicons.  The two latter approaches have served to educate members and the industry on the issues and challenges, as well as to identify specific areas for innovation, since this is an iterative process to move forward different parts of the solutions.  CIMM provides its findings to members for an exclusive time, and then makes the findings available publicly.

Findings and reports are provided under each initiative.  Additionally, any open RFP’s can be found in that section.  Presentations reporting on many of these initiatives are given at the Cross-Platform Media Measurement & Data Summits in New York. These can be found in that section.