Benefits of Membership

CIMM: Where The Future Of Audience Measurement Is Taking Shape, Today

The media landscape is changing dramatically, and the television marketplace is changing with it. There has been a significant shift from a TV landscape to a multi-platform, multi-screen media environment, driven by new forms of data. These changes are driving the need for content providers, media agencies, and advertisers to understand and measure the impact of their content as it is consumed across multiple screens. The media research initiatives funded by The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) ensure that effective media measurement keeps pace with the rapidly changing media, technology and data environment.

Membership in CIMM enables you and your company to have a voice in the future of media measurement. Through CIMM, you will have the opportunity to collaborate and participate with other industry research leaders as we design and pilot test new technologies and methodologies shaping our industry.

Specific benefits include:

  • Committees – Join likeminded thought leaders in the industry to explore and identify new methodologies and approaches to various aspects of media measurement through proofs of concept of new measurement tools, pilot tests and/or whitepapers:
    • Advanced TV Data, Measurement & Platforms
    • Cross Media Measurement
    • Cross-Channel Attribution
    • Identity Resolution
    • Standardizing Video Identifiers (Ad-ID and EIDR/TAXI Complete) and Metadata (AMSI)
  • Original Research Initiatives – Design the future of media measurement by participating in CIMM pilots, projects and initiatives and collaborating with other industry researchers
  • Research Access – Exclusive early access to current and ongoing research & findings
  • Member Thought Leadership – Various leadership opportunities are available throughout our initiatives to give you visibility and be a part of the solution
  • Member-Only Events: Participate in exclusive events only available to CIMM Members, such as our recent Workshops on Identity Resolution and Addressable TV and Implications for the Future of TV Measurement