Benefits of Membership

CIMM: Where The Future Of Audience Measurement Is Taking Shape, Today

Membership in CIMM enables you and your company to have a voice in the future of media measurement. Through CIMM, you will have the opportunity to collaborate and participate with other industry research leaders as we design and pilot test new technologies and methodologies shaping our industry.  CIMM’s notable accomplishments to date include:

TAXI: Open ID Watermark

CIMM launched an initiative called Trackable Asset Cross-Platform Identification in 2011 in collaboration with Ad-ID (a joint venture of the ANA and 4As providing standardized metadata for ads) and EIDR (Entertainment ID Registry, providing content metadata) to bind standardized asset identification metadata into video.  We completed a Study Group with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) in 2013, which recommended drafting an open standard using an audio watermark.  In early 2017, Kantar Media’s audio watermarking technology was selected for the next step in SMPTE standardization for Open Binding of Ad-ID, EIDR, Time Codes and Station IDs to Video. Standardization was completed in mid-2018, and the standard is available for implementation from Kantar Media.


CIMM has funded a number of ground-breaking whitepapers to help members stay up-to-speed with fast changing developments in TV and cross-media measurement.  Members have exclusive rights to use the information in these whitepapers for up to three months before they are released publicly on the CIMM website.

  • Best Practices in Cross-Platform Advertising Effectiveness Measurement (2011)
  • Roadmap for Set Top Box Data (2010 & 2012 Update)
  • Best Practices in Matching Datasets to Set Top Box Data (2011)
  • Enriching Media Data: Quality is the Key to ROI (2015)
  • Best Practices in Cross-Device and Cross-Channel Identity Measurement (2016)
  • Current Practices in Attribution and ROI Analysis (collaboration with 4A’s) (2017)
  • ROI/Attribution Provider Guide (2018)
  • TV Attribution Provider Guide (2019)


CIMM produced a Lexicon of more than 2500 definitions to explain Advanced TV Advertising and Return Path Data to the media industry. The Lexicon was designed to help members and others understand the complexity of technological change, and to support the development of innovation in TV measurement and advanced advertising applications.

Multi-Screen Measurement of Unduplicated Reach

Ten CIMM member media companies and three agencies collaborated during 2014-2015 with Comscore to develop a solution for measuring unduplicated reach for ads and content across TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets, and radio for video, audio and interactive content.  Following a proof-of-concept Pilot Test (dubbed ‘Project Blueprint’), Comscore launched it commercially in the Fall of 2015 as XMedia. This is now being further developed following Comscore’s acquisition of Rentrak in 2016.

This initiative grew from earlier small-scale, cross-platform, single-source separate Pilot Tests with both comScore and Arbitron (now Nielsen Audio) in 2011-2012.

Launch of USA TouchPoints

CIMM funded a proof-of-concept Pilot Test in 2010-2011 with Media Behavior Institute to adapt a successfule U.K. 360-degree consumer-centric planning tool to the U.S. market. This tool was based on data gathered from a panel who complete a 7-day e-diary on a smartphone app documenting all media use in combination with life activities.  After a successful pilot, TouchPoints was purchased by RealityMine, which launched the technology in 20 countries through a partnership with Starcom MediaVest Group. However, in 2018 RealityMine closed their New York office, and is now focused solely on licensing their technology to other research vendors.

The evolution of media measurement, to be successful and effective for all, must be a collaborative process. We hope you will join your industry colleagues in shaping what that future will be.