CIMM DEFINITION: A Nielsen initiative designed to improve people meter technology. The initiative includes the development of four new audience metering technologies designed to deal with all of the conceivable challenges involved in measuring the viewing behavior of contemporary consumer households particularly cross platform – mobile, wireless and internet-based media with traditional television viewing. (Source: www.Mediapost.com)

gTLD abbr Generic TLD

July 24, 2012

See also: Top Level Domain, country level TLD

CIMM DEFINITION: A top level internet address that identifies the site as belonging to a particular domain class. Examples are .com (commercial), .net (internet service providers) and .gov (US government).

Guerilla Marketing

July 24, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: An advertising campaign tactic involving the placement of often humorous brand-related messages in unexpected places either online or in the real world; intended to provoke word-of-mouth and build buzz. (Source: IAB)

See also: User Interface

CIMM DEFINITION: A more easily understandable type of user interface where icons can be used instead of text making access to various applications intuitive to the user.

2: A way of enabling users to interact with the computer using visual icons and a mouse rather than a command-line prompt/interpreter. (Source: IAB)

CIMM DEFINITION: Persistent ID by device or household that is a unique 128 bit number. Windows based.

2: A unique and persistent number that may be associated with a device, household or entity. (Source: MRC)