See also: Composite Video, Component Video

CIMM DEFINITION: An analog video signal that has two separate components – luma for luminance and chroma for color and offers better signal quality than a composite video which combines the two signals into one with lower quality.

See also: Ad Manager, Cloud Computing
CIMM DEFINITION: A model of software deployment where a software provider licenses an application for use as a service On-Demand. (Source: Wikipedia)

Same Day Viewing

July 25, 2012

See also: Trick Play

CIMM DEFINITION: Any live viewing plus any playback within the same broadcast day.


July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A subset of a universe whose properties are studied to gain information about that universe. (Source: IAB)

Sample (in Advertising)

July 25, 2012

See also: Coupons

CIMM DEFINITION: In such services as VOD, samples are like coupons. They are clickable overlays or enhancements before, during or after a video ad whereby a viewer can request products, get more information, or receive a coupon.

Sample (in Measurement)

July 25, 2012

See also: Census

CIMM DEFINITION: A statistically stable, randomly selected subset of a full census or population whose behavior is a projectable prototype of the behavior of the full population or census.

2: Set-Top Boxes  or households randomly selected from a universe to represent that universe. (Source: Kantar Media Audiences)

Sampling Frame

July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: The source from which the sample is drawn.

CIMM DEFINITION: In a BTSC-encoded television sound carrier, a monaural audio subcarrier that can be used to transmit supplemental foreign language translation audio or other information.


July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Device located in geostationary orbit above the earth which receives transmissions from separate points and retransmits them to cable systems, DBS and others over a wide area. (Source: CableLabs)

2: Synchronous communications satellites orbiting earth from a stationary position transmitting television and other signals. (Source: Nielsen)

See also: Data Type

CIMM DEFINITION: Like MSO operator Set-Top Box data, the usage and / or viewership data that is retrieved from the boxes of a satellite provider.

See also: Advanced Advertising
CIMM DEFINITION: The opposite of Dynamic Ad Units (which are interactive and addressable). Static Ad Units are those advertisements that are delivered uniformly in a standard size and format. (Source: Mercury Media)

Saved Programs

July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Denotes a viewer has stopped play of a particular piece of On-Demand content. Content (currently only some subscription and paid programming) is automatically saved for a specified period of time for consumer access.

Schedule Accuracy

July 25, 2012

See also: As Run Logs

CIMM DEFINITION: A challenge for Set-Top Box data and other types of viewership measurement because of last minute changes to the program line-up that do not match with the line-up information provided by the scheduling services or content providers.


July 25, 2012

See also: Planning

CIMM DEFINITION: The process of deciding where to place advertising content, dependant on various factors including, duration, time to be shown, product, audience make up. The schedule uses a grid broken into seasons, i.e., Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, football, political, dayparts (i.e., prime time, late night) and program genre.


July 25, 2012

See also: Encryption
CIMM DEFINITION: The encryption of a signal that prevents non-subscribers from accessing the content, channel or network.

Screen View

July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Display of an image or images that appear as full screen or as an overlay to the linear content being watched on that particular viewing device or on that specific TV. The total count of screen views per application is a reportable metric. (Source: CTAM Advanced Cable Solutions Consortium, itv Metrics)

Note – Currently the viewing device is a TV connected to a set-top. (Source: CTAM Advanced Cable Solutions Consortium, itv Metrics)


July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Files that initiate routines like generating Web pages dynamically in response to user input. (Source: IAB)

Scrubbing the Data

July 25, 2012

See also: Data Cleansing, Harmonize the Data, Normalize the Data
CIMM DEFINITION: The process of cleaning up or erasing the duplicated, incomplete, incorrect datapoints from a database

CIMM DEFINITION: Creators of standard measurements for advanced television. SCTE 30 – Originally intended to be used for Digital Program Insertion in linear broadcast channels, this standard has since grown to support addressable advertising with SCTE 130 formerly DVS 629 . SCTE 30 messages are sent between the ad insertion server and the splicer to ad insertion points. SCTE 35 – Originally intended to be used for Digital Program Insertion in linear broadcast channels. The digital cue tone that defines when a switch should occur in the splicer.

CIMM DEFINITION: Transmission of uncompressed, unencrypted digital video signals (optionally including embedded Audio and/or Time Code) within television facilities; they can also be used for packetized data. (Source: Wikipedia)

See also: High Definition TV
CIMM DEFINITION: A TV with an internal digital tuner. SDTV has the basic digital television format closest to traditional analog TV.

also: Advanced Advertising, Bandwidth Optimization
CIMM DEFINITION: A method of distributing digital video, utilizing bandwidth more efficiently by only broadcasting channels that have been requested by at least one household within a cable service area. (Source: Definition currently under review by CableLabs)

2: “Switched digital video refers to a network scheme for distributing digital video by managing network bandwidth resources. Switched video sends the digital video in a more efficient manner so that additional programs may be available for users using he freed up bandwidth. One of the core technologies that can make advanced advertising in linear programming a reality for cable operators.” (Source: BigBand Networks)

3: “A telecommunications industry term for a network scheme for distributing digital video via a cable. Switched video sends the digital video in a more efficient manner so that additional uses may be made of the freed up bandwidth. The scheme applies to digital video distribution on cable TV systems using QAM channels, or on IPTV systems.” (Source: Wikipedia)


July 25, 2012

See also: Paid Listings, Contextual Search, Paid Inclusion
CIMM DEFINITION: Allows viewer to “interactively” identify content of particular interest.

2: Fees advertisers pay Internet companies to list and/or link their company site or domain name to a specific search word or phrase (includes paid search revenues). Search categories include: Paid listings—text links appear at the top or side of search results for specific keywords. The more a marketer pays, the higher the position it gets. Marketers only pay when a user clicks on the text link. Contextual search—text links appear in an article based on the context of the content, instead of a user-submitted keyword. Payment only occurs when the link is clicked. Paid inclusion—guarantees that a marketer‘s URL is indexed by a search engine. The listing is determined by the engine’s search algorithms. (Source: IAB)

Search Engine

July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: An application that helps Web users find information on the Internet. The method for finding this information is usually done by maintaining an index of Web resources that can be queried for the keywords or concepts entered by the user. (Source: IAB)

Second Screen

July 25, 2012

See also: First Screen, Second Screen Apps
CIMM DEFINITION: The term given to content platforms that are utilized for content display beyond the primary screen (often the television set itself). A computer is an example of a second screen.

Second Screen Apps

July 25, 2012

See also: Second Screen, First Screen
CIMM DEFINITION: Software applications that are accessible from the second screen, such as a computer or a tablet.

Second-by-second Ratings

July 25, 2012

See also: Rating
CIMM DEFINITION: Program, time period or other performance ratings that are in second-by-second increments.

2: Second level program and commercial ratings defined as percentage of boxes viewing a given second. (Source: TIVO)

NOTE – Latency impacts measurement and standardization.

Security Tokens

July 25, 2012

See also: Electronic Tokens, Digital Tokens

CIMM DEFINITION: Tokens, whether digital, security or electronic, serve as an access key with which to gain access to content in any form. Often requires authentication or a special code.


July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A market segment is a sub-set of a market made up of people or organizations sharing one or more characteristics that cause them to demand similar product and/or services based on qualities of those products such as price or function. A true market segment meets all of the following criteria: it is distinct from other segments (different segments have different needs), it is homogeneous within the segment (exhibits common needs); it responds similarly to a market stimulus, and it can be reached by a market intervention. (Source: Wikipedia via Visible World)

Select OK

July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Allows viewer to choose an action or piece of content (as displayed on the screen).

Sell-Through Rate

July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: The percentage of ad inventory sold as opposed to traded or bartered. (Source: IAB)

See also: Keyword
CIMM DEFINITION: A form of Internet Marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in the Search Engine result pages Search engine optimization (SEO) – SEO is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. (Source: IAB)

CIMM DEFINITION: An internet marketing strategy. The process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines’ “natural,” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”), search results. (Source: www.wikipedia.org)

CIMM DEFINITION: A listing of web pages returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query. The results normally include a list of web pages with titles, a link to the page, and a short description showing where the Keywords have matched content within the page. A SERP may refer to a single page of links returned, or to the set of all links returned for a search query. (Source: www.wikipedia.org)


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A computer or computer program that provides services to other computer programs and their users such as fulfilling requests from other programs.

2: A computer which distributes files which are shared across a LAN, WAN or the Internet. Also known as a “host”. (Source: IAB)

CIMM DEFINITION: Audience measurement derived from server logs. (Source: IAB)

Server Log Data

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A file of historical data that is created and maintained by a server. Can contain a range of viewer and consumer datapoints that can be used for measurement purposes.

Server Pull

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A process whereby a user’s browser maintains an automated or customized connection or profile with a Web server. The browser usually sets up a unique request that is recorded and stored electronically for future reference. Examples are: requests for the automated delivery of e-mail newsletters, the request for Web content based on a specific search criteria determined by the user, or setting up a personalized Web page that customizes the information delivered to the user based on pre-determined self selections. (Source: IAB)

Server Push

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A process whereby a server maintains an open connection with a browser after the initial request for a page. Through this open connection the server continues to provide updated pages and content even though the visitor has made no further direct requests for such information. (Source: IAB)

See also: Client Initiated Ad Counting, Server Initiated Ad Impressions, Client Initiated Ad Impressions

CIMM DEFINITION: A form of ad counting that uses the publisher‘s Web content server for making requests, formatting and re-directing content. For organizations using a server-initiated ad counting method, counting should occur subsequent to the ad response at either the publisher’s ad server or the Web content server, or later in the process. (Source: IAB)

See also: Client Initiated Ad Counting, Client Initiated Ad Impressions, Server Initiated Ad Counting

CIMM DEFINITION: One of the two methods used for assessing ad impressions. Ad content is delivered to the user via two methods – server-initiated and client-initiated. (Source: IAB)


July 26, 2012

See also: Visit
CIMM DEFINITION: A measurable segment of available content seen by a unique viewer, by viewing device. Today the viewing device is the set-top. In the future, the device will need to be defined and specified. (Source: CTAM Advanced Cable Solutions Consortium, DAI Metrics)

2: A sequence of Internet activity made by one user at one site. If a user makes no request from a site during a 30 minute period of time, the next content or ad request would then constitute the beginning of a new visit. (Source: IAB)

3: A series of transactions performed by a user that can be tracked across successive Web sites. For example, in a single session, a user may start on a publisher’s Web site, click on an advertisement and then go to an advertiser’s Web site and make a purchase. (Source: IAB)

Session Cookies

July 26, 2012

See also: Cookie

CIMM DEFINITION: These are temporary and are erased when the browser exits at the end of a web surfing session.  (Source: IAB)

See also: Capping
CIMM DEFINITION: A Kantar term for when there are gaps between viewing sessions that are so short (under 60 seconds) that there has to be some viewing. (Source: Kantar Media Audiences)

Set-Top Box

July 26, 2012

See also: Analog Set-Top Box, Digital Set-Top Box
CIMM DEFINITION: A device that can be an actual box attached to the television externally or it can reside within the television. The Set-Top Box can be analog or digital, based on the quality and the signal and the technological capabilities of the box software.

2: A Set-Top Box is a device that enables a television set to become a user interface to the Internet and also enables a television set to receive and decode digital television (DTV) broadcasts. DTV Set-Top Boxes are sometimes called receivers. In the Internet realm, a Set-Top Box is really a specialized computer that can “talk to” the Internet – that is, it contains a Web browser (which is really a Hypertext Transfer Protocol client) and the Internet’s main program, TCP / IP. The service to which the Set-Top Box is attached may be through a telephone line as, for example, with WebTV, or through a cable TV company like TCI. In DTV, a typical digital Set-Top Box contains one or more microprocessors for running the operating system. A Set-Top Box also includes RAM, an MPEG decoder chip, and more chips for audio decoding and processing. More sophisticated Set-Top Boxes contain a hard drive for storing recorded television broadcasts, for downloaded software, and for other applications provided by your DTV service provider. (Source: itvdictionary.com and Searchnetworking.techtarget.com)

3: Any device that connects to a television set and an external source of digital or analog signal, converting the signal into content which is then displayed on the television screen, Also known as a converter box or video access device (VAD). (Source: Nielsen)

4: A cable Set-Top Box is a device that is an actual customer premises equipment that received television and other data signals through Cable, processes the signal, and outputs to the television. Majority of US cable Set-Top Boxes are manufactured by Motorola and Cisco / Scientific-Atlanta.(Source: FourthWall Media)

5: A device electronic device that connects to a TV providing connectivity to the Internet, game systems, or cable systems. (Source: IAB)

6: A physical device attached externally to a television, or resident internally, which when connected to an external source of digital or analog signal enables the display of video content on the television screen. (Source: MRC)

Set-Top Box Rating

July 26, 2012

See also: Rating
CIMM DEFINITION: Rating based on the Set-Top Box rather than household or person.

2: The percentage of available STBs within a sample or population or a census that is watching a program, or during a time period or an ad or any piece of content out of the measured population or census. (Source: Nielsen)

CIMM DEFINITION: Televisions as they are located in the home. The primary set is the one that is the primary set for television viewing by most of the family. A secondary set is usually located in the secondary choice of venue for viewing television, such as a bedroom.

2: When multiple televisions are located in the home, the primary set is the one used for the majority of television viewing time within the home. A secondary set contributes less of the total household viewing time. (Source: Rentrak)

See also: HTML, XML
CIMM DEFINITION: The parent language for HTML. (Source: IAB)


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: The percentage of viewing to a program or time period out of only those sets or Set-Top Boxes in use at the time.

2: A channel’s average audience divided by the total audience of television viewers (TTV) expressed as a percentage. (Source: Kantar Media Audiences)

Share of Hours

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: The percentage of hours spent on content or channel out of the total number of hours available.


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A browser plug-in developed by Macromedia (now part of Adobe) which allows multimedia objects to appear on the Web (animation, audio and video). (Source: IAB)

Shopping Bot

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Intelligent agent which searches for the best price. (Source: IAB)

Shopping Cart

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Saves content to a list for later purchase.


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Collection of video segments (including ads, short-form programming, other elements) presented in a single interface, branded package around an advertiser’s targeted content or message.


July 26, 2012

See also: Digital Signal

CIMM DEFINITION: When original information is converted into a string of bits before being transmitted. (Source: http://dictionary.reference.com)

Signal Latency

July 26, 2012

See also: Latency
CIMM DEFINITION: The lag time that occurs in the physical distribution plant and some STBs when the box changes channels or uploads so that tuning event timing relative to the same content can occur in one home at a slightly different time than in another home. Can be as much as several seconds.

2: Broadcast and display time differences (typically in seconds) caused by variations in signal source. (Source: TIVO)


July 26, 2012

See also: Watermarking, Fingerprinting
CIMM DEFINITION: A digital signature (not to be confused with a digital certificate) is an electronic signature that can be used to authenticate the identity of the sender of a message or the signer of a document, and possibly to ensure that the original content of the message or document that has been sent is unchanged. Digital signatures are easily transportable, cannot be imitated by someone else, and can be automatically time-stamped. The ability to ensure that the original signed message arrived means that the sender cannot easily repudiate it later. (Source: http://searchsecurity.techtarget.com)

NOTE – A digital signature can be used with any kind of message, whether it is encrypted or not, simply so that the receiver can be sure of the sender’s identity and that the message arrived intact. A digital certificate contains the digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority so that anyone can verify that the certificate is real. http://searchsecurity.techtarget.com

Simulated Reality

July 26, 2012

See also: Virtual Reality

CIMM DEFINITION: A “created reality”, possibly by computer, that is indistinguishable from actual reality. Opposite of virtual reality which the user recognizes as not actual reality.

Simultaneous Media Usage

July 26, 2012

See also: Multitasking
CIMM DEFINITION: A form of multi-tasking where a viewer or consumer uses several different forms of media all at the same time. Overlapping use of different media.

See also: IPTV
CIMM DEFINITION: A type of Tru2Way measurement that enables data gathering and aggregation through one processor box. A single platform that captures and processes all Set-Top Box data.

Single Source Data

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Different kinds of data that are derived from the same viewer or household. Can be media data, shopping data etc.

2: Data that is derived from one source. Single source data is the electronic measurement of TV (and possibly other media/marketing) exposure, and purchase behavior for the same household. This measurement is gauged through the collection of data components supplied by one or more parties overlapped through a single, integrated system of data collection. The means by which these data are stored is known as a single source database. In TV advertising measurement, single source data are used to explore an individual’s loyalty and buying behavior in relation to advertising exposure within different windows of time – e.g. year, quarter, month, week. In this sense, single source data is a compilation of (1) Home-scanned sales records and/or loyalty card purchases from retail or grocery stores and other commerce operations, (2) TV tune-in data from cable Set-Top Boxes or people meters (pushbutton or passive) or household tuning meters, and (3) Household demographic information. The value of single-source data lies in the fact that it is highly disaggregate across individuals and within time. Single source data reveals differences among households’ exposure to a brand’s ads and their purchases of those brands within advertising fluctuations. (Source: Wikipedia)

3: The ability to report on integrated media/advertising and CPG product purchases behavior measures. (Source: Kantar Media Audiences)

Site Optimization

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: The action of modifying a site to make it easier for search engines to automatically index the site and hopefully result in better placement in results. (Source: IAB)

Site-Centric Measurement

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Audience measurement derived from a Web site’s own server logs. (Source: IAB)


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: When a sample or a subset of a population or a specific footprint deviates from the actual distribution of the universe or population.

NOTE – Population or data skews in the STB data – based on the footprint, can skew more upscale (as in AT&T) or lack of linear TV viewing because entire sample is DVR (such as in TIVO).

NOTE – Kantar says there are no skews to their data since census or sample is representative of the underlying universes from which they are drawn.


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A type of ad in addressable advertising where a frame around a piece of content contains the ad information / message.

2: Also referred to as Wrappers. (Source: TIVO)

3: Customized and interchangeable sets of graphics, which allow Internet users to continually change the look of their desktops or browsers, without changing their settings or functionality. Skins are a type of marketing tool. (Source: IAB)


July 26, 2012

See also: Trick Play
CIMM DEFINITION: The act of avoiding content, particularly advertising, by skipping over the ads via the use of the DVR trick play modes.


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A tall, thin online ad unit. (Source: IAB)

NOTE – The IAB guidelines recommend two sizes of skyscrapers: 120 X 600 and 160 x 600. (Source: IAB)


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A television streaming device that enables remote viewing. It connects the home television feed – whether from a DVR, cable operator, satellite or Telco – to a broadband enabled computer. It enables a viewer to view content from their home television anywhere in the world via their computer screen.

SlingPlayer Mobile

July 26, 2012

See also: Sling Box
CIMM DEFINITION: An application that lets you watch and control your home TV and DVR via your Slingbox™ on your smartphone.


July 26, 2012

See also: Narrowcasting
CIMM DEFINITION: Like Narrowcasting it is the transmission of video programming to a niche audience, often through relatively inexpensive means like streaming video over high-speed connections. By this means, programming what would not generate enough interest or revenue for broadcast can be made available to a small but highly dedicated audience of viewers. (Source: whatis.techtarget.com)

Sloppy arithmetic

July 26, 2012

See Sloppy Chips
CIMM DEFINITION: A “guesstimate” by a computer that more closely replicates human intelligence and problem solving processes and attributes.

Sloppy Chips

July 26, 2012

See Sloppy arithmetic
CIMM DEFINITION: Slightly inaccurate chips that “guesstimate” like human intelligence rather than like computer intelligence. These chips are much smaller, more efficient, much faster and more closely replicating human intelligence with 100,000 times the computing power of a traditional computer. The error rate from these “guesstimating” chips is an error range around 1%. The value of sloppy chips is that they are able to rifle down enormous databases in fraction of the time.

Slotting Fee

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A fee charged to advertisers by media companies to get premium positioning on their site, category exclusivity or some other special treatment. It is similar to slotting allowances charged by retailers. (Source: IAB)

CIMM DEFINITION: The agreed upon minimum length of time that a viewer has to spend on a piece of content that will constitute actual measurable viewing. Differing latencies by box manufacturer impacts the calculation and standardization.

NOTE – If someone is channel surfing, then a pull to that box for that second would not represent actual viewing. Most processors say that the standard length of time should be in five second increments. However Rentrak uses a formula to calculate a standard length that varies by programming genre and changes as the amount of data increases. (Rentrak attributes this to SOSO curves)

Smart Card

July 26, 2012

See also: Contact Smart Cards, Contactless Smart Cards, Combination Smart Card
CIMM DEFINITION: Usually about the size of a credit card, a smart card has embedded computer chips or a micro processor that enables Set-Top Box data providers to deliver certain channels and levels of service as well as to track viewing, usage and tuning.

2: Identical in size and feel to credit cards, smart cards store information on an integrated microprocessor chip located within the body of the card. These chips hold a variety of information, from stored (monetary) value used for retail and vending machines, to secure information and applications for higher-end operations such as medical/healthcare records. The different types of cards being used today are contact, contactless and combination cards.

Smart TV Set-Top Box

July 26, 2012

See also: Set-Top Box
CIMM DEFINITION: Same as Advanced Set-Top Boxes.


July 26, 2012

See also: Phishing
CIMM DEFINITION: A form of phishing that uses e-mails that look legitimate to trick victims into handing over vital information. However, with smishing, the identity thieves ply their scam through messages to a mobile phone rather than on a computer.


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A technique that tries to compensate for the differences in successive backchannel pings from the Set-Top Box for measurement and service purposes.

2: Also used to refer to Video Smoothing. (Source: TIVO)

See also: Text Messaging, Texting

CIMM DEFINITION: Standard for sending and receiving short (160 character) text messages via mobile handsets. (Source: IAB)

CIMM DEFINITION: The protocol used to transfer e-mail. (Source: IAB)


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A form of television or video content viewing where the viewer samples small segments of the content in a viewing session rather than view the content in its entirety.

Snapshot Viewing

July 26, 2012

See also: Logging Viewing
CIMM DEFINITION: A frozen view of data at a specific point in time which can be viewed as a report such as in a PDF file, at a later time. (Source: http://blogs.msdn.com)

NOTE – In computing, Snapshots are back-up records that can be used for troubleshooting and fixing problems.


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Software that detects capabilities of the user’s browser (looking for such things as Java capabilities, plug-ins, screen resolution, and bandwidth). (Source: IAB)


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A three second ad.

Social Bookmarking

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Aggregating, rating, describing, and publishing bookmarks links to Web pages or other online content. (Source: IAB)

Social Marketing

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Marketing tactic that taps into the growth of social networks, encouraging users to adopt and pass along widgets or other content modules created by a brand, or to add a brand to the user‘s social circle of friends. (Source: IAB)

Social Media

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A term given to the range of web-based media platforms that offer accessible and scalable publishing techniques for users to connect to and communicate with each other and create community by sharing opinions, personal messages, photos, videos and other content.

Social Media Center

July 26, 2012

See also: Boxee

CIMM DEFINITION: A home-based cross platform freeware home entertainment system that gives viewers the ability to view content and have interactivity where they can, among other things, rate content and engage in social networking.

Social Network

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: An online destination that gives users a chance to connect with one or more groups of friends, facilitating sharing of content, news, and information among them. Examples of social networks include Facebook and LinkedIn. (Source: IAB)

Social Web

July 26, 2012

See also: Open Web

CIMM DEFINITION: Web-based services that enable internet users to socialize, interact and connect across the web.

Soft Paywall

July 26, 2012

See also: Hard Paywall, Paywall
CIMM DEFINITION: A paywall that allows the user to access some content without having to pay or subscribe. Example – Some newspapers allow some content to be freely accessed without subscribing.

CIMM DEFINITION: The amount of money the consumer spends on a particular brand divided by the amount of money that consumer spends on the entire category of products. (Source: TRA)

Sort Content

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Sorting content so that it makes the most sense to the viewer.

CIMM DEFINITION: A measurement challenge – instances where the television set is turned off but the Set-Top Box remains turned on. In this situation, no viewing is taking place but the Set-Top Box continues to record viewing to the last channel.

NOTE – Possibly use data gathered from the Remote Control to match set off with viewing cessation.

Source Coding

July 26, 2012

See also: Digital Compression, Compression, Bit Rate Reduction, Data Compression
CIMM DEFINITION: The process of encoding data so that it requires less bandwidth. A form of data compression.


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: The location on a page of a site in which an ad can be placed. Each space on a site is uniquely identified. There can be multiple spaces on a single page.


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Essentially unsolicited bulk email. An electronic message that is sent indiscriminately over the internet and delivered to inboxes as unwanted and sometimes harmful email.

2: Term describing unsolicited commercial e-mail. (Source: IAB)

Spam Filter

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Software built into e-mail gateways as well as e-mail client applications designed to identify and remove unsolicited commercial messages from incoming e-mail before the end user sees them. (Source: IAB)

CIMM DEFINITION: Icon / indicator designating that programming is available in Spanish.

Special Offers

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Refers to all types of promotional offers, not just “sales” events. E.g., could use to notify when PPV content (concerts, fights, etc.,) becomes available to On-Demand users, in addition to Double Feature or other promos.


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: In media, it is the entire range or band of wavelengths in an electromagnetic field. Different bands of spectrum are able to transmit more data or higher quality data than others, providing higher levels of transmission and clearer signals.

CIMM DEFINITION: A measurement used as a substitute for Response Rate in some panel design applications and for television people meters. In personal people meters, SPI is the percentage of persons in Basic Households who were In-Tab over a given period of time over the total number of persons In-Tab. (Source: Arbitron)


July 26, 2012

See also: Robot
CIMM DEFINITION: A program that automatically fetches Web pages. Spiders are used to feed pages to search engines. It is called a spider because it crawls over the Web. Because most Web pages contain links to other pages, a spider can start almost anywhere. As soon as it sees a link to another page, it goes off and fetches it. Large search engines have many spiders working in parallel. (Source: IAB)

Splash Page

July 26, 2012

See also: Transition Ads, Interstitial Ads, Intermercial Ads
CIMM DEFINITION: A preliminary page that precedes the user-requested page of a Web site that usually promotes a particular site feature or provides advertising. (Source: IAB)

Note – A splash page is timed to move on to the requested page after a short period of time or a click. Splash pages are not considered qualified page impressions under current industry guidelines, but they are considered qualified ad impressions. (Source: IAB)


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A hardware or software system that inserts or combines audio / video streams to be played on a Set-Top Box.


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Is a software to search, monitor and analyze Big Data (machine-generated data from websites, applications, servers, networks, mobile devices, etc) by applications, systems and IT infrastructure at scale via a web-style interface. The software captures, indexes and correlates real-time data in a searchable repository from which it can generate graphs, reports, alerts, dashboards and visualizations.


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: An individual, corporation or organization that provides advertising, funding, in-kind services or barter support so as to be included or highlighted on a media platform, program or piece of content.

2: An advertiser who has sponsored an ad and, by doing so, has also helped sponsor or sustain the Web site itself. (Source: IAB)

3: An advertiser that has a special relationship with the Web site and supports a specific feature of a Web site, such as a writer’s column or a collection of articles on a particular subject. (Source: IAB)

Sponsor Produced Content

July 26, 2012

See also: Sponsorship, Branded Content
CIMM DEFINITION: Branded, stand-alone content produced by a sponsor. Unlike Branded Content, Sponsor Produced Content is clearly advertiser driven and advertiser created and not blended into other entertainment or informational content.


July 26, 2012

See also: Branded Content, Spotlights, Advergaming, Sweepstakes, Content & Section Sponsorships
CIMM DEFINITION: In media, an advertising campaign.

2: In the online sector, sponsorship represents custom content and/or experiences created for an advertiser which may or may not include ad unties (i.e., display advertising, brand logos, advertorial and pre-roll video).

Spot Level Ratings

July 26, 2012

See also: Rating
CIMM DEFINITION: The percentage of viewers viewing the commercial spot out of the total universe or population.

Spot Runs

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: The number of times a given spot ad was broadcast from the headend regardless of the number of STB exposures, remote clicks or responses. (Source: FourthWall Media)


July 26, 2012

See also: Branded Content, Sponsorship, Advergaming, Sweepstakes, Content & Section Sponsorships
CIMM DEFINITION: A type of sponsorship. Custom built pages incorporating an advertiser‘s brand and housing a collection of content usually around a theme. (Source: IAB)

Spread Spectrum

July 26, 2012

See also: Code Division Multiple Access, GSN
CIMM DEFINITION: A type of technological technique where an electrical, electromagnetic, or acoustic signal, for example, is generated in a particular bandwidth and deliberately spread in the frequency domain. This results in a signal that has a wider bandwidth. These techniques are used for a variety of reasons, including the establishment of secure communications, increasing resistance to natural interference, noise and jamming, to prevent detection, and to limit power flux density (e.g. in satellite downlinks). (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A new form of participatory culture where consumers take media in their own hands reworking its content to serve their personal and collective interests. (Source: Convergence Culture Consortium)


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Another term for Ad Bot

CIMM DEFINITION: Web addresses beginning with https that are accessible over web browsers and that are more secure for certain remote access sessions.

SSL / VPN abbr Secure Sockets Layer / Virtual Private Network

Start / End of Recording

July 26, 2012

See also: Trick Play
CIMM DEFINITION: The indicators of when the video content (such as a program) will start recording and when it will stop and end the recording.

Start Over

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A capability and service offered through Time Warner Cable. Start Over is a Digital Cable feature that allows you to start over certain TV shows that are already in progress.

CIMM DEFINITION: Ads that remain on a Web page for a specified period of time or embedded ads. (Source: IAB)

Stay Away Minutes

July 26, 2012

See also: Perfect Play
CIMM DEFINITION: Average number of minutes households stayed away, that switched away during a specified commercial airing but did return to this channel before the end of the programming day. (Source: TRA)

Stayed Away

July 26, 2012

See also: Perfect Play
CIMM DEFINITION: Percentage of households that switched away during the commercial that did not return to this channel for the remainder of that programming day. (Source: TRA)

STB Churn

July 26, 2012

See also: Churn
CIMM DEFINITION: The ebb and flow of a Set-Top Box population. Occurs when moving homes – from address to address or subscriber to subscriber – or cancellation of or new subscription to service for other reasons.

STB Exposures

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: The number of instances of an AdWidget (embedded in a spot ad) executing on Set-Top Boxes. Also called total STB exposures. (Source: FourthWall Media)


July 26, 2012

See also: MAC address
CIMM DEFINITION: A unique identifier used to represent an individual Set-Top Box. (Source: Nielsen)


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Icon / indicator designating sound transmission from two sources through two channels.


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A measure used to gauge the effectiveness of a site in retaining individual users. Stickiness is usually measured by the duration of the visit. (Source: IAB)

Stickiness Index

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: An engagement metric indicating the degree to which a program is viewed. The percent of program that has been watched. The greater the percentage of the program viewed compared to all programs of the same duration in a certain time period, the greater the stickiness index. (Source: Rentrak)


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: In a digitalized media environment it is the ability to combine many pieces of content (videos, graphics etc) into one high quality signal that has less bandwidth than the sum of its parts.

2: An algorithm used to connect the same Set-Top Box’s tuning from one day to the next, when a Set-Top Box is tuned across the daily cut off point (e.g. 2am). (Source: TRA)


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Allows viewer to cease playback of Video On-Demand programming.


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A TRA report reporting the advertisers and brands that a network should approach first for ad inventory sale of the network or one of its dayparts or programs, because the network or its daypart or program are most heavily skewed to those advertiser categories and/or brands. (Source: TRA, registered term)


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Technology that permits continuous audio and video delivered to a computer from a remote Web site. (Source: IAB)

2: An Internet data transfer technique that allows the user to see and hear audio and video files. The host or source compresses, then “streams” small packets of information over the Internet to the user, who can access the content as it is received. (Source: IAB)

Streaming Media Player

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A software program which decompresses audio and/or video files so the user can hear and/or see the video or audio file. Some examples are Real Player™, Windows Media and Quick Time Player. (Source: IAB)

Streaming Server

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A centralized internet server that distributes VOD assets to a viewer upon request.

Streaming Video

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A form of compressed video that is delivered over the internet in real-time. It can be played instantly without the need to buffer and pause.

Stress Loads

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: The amount of processing activity that a Set-Top Box may be performing at the same time such as program log corrections with DVR taping, DVR playback. Can slow the system and increase Latency.

NOTE – Impacts logging and therefore Latency and standardization of Latency metric.

Stress Testing

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Testing performed to ensure Set-Top Box reliability, in particular how it functions and how it logs actions under higher activity loads. (Source: TIVO)

Structured Data

July 26, 2012

See also: Big Data, Unstructured data
CIMM DEFINITION: “Machine friendly” information managed in rows and columns as opposed to unstructured data which is more human friendly originating from various sources such as email and social media and includes not just words and numbers but also video audio and images.

STU abbr Set-top Unit

July 26, 2012

See also: Set-Top Box
CIMM DEFINITION: Same term used for Set-Top Box

Sub Carrier

July 26, 2012

See also: RF
CIMM DEFINITION: A frequency channel that occupies only a portion of RF bandwidth allocated to the carrier and, therefore, has a smaller information capacity.

2: A subcarrier sometimes is used for signaling between stations on a network.

Sub Channel

July 26, 2012

See also: Digital Subchannel
CIMM DEFINITION: A pathway within a wired or wireless communications channel. Multiple subchannels are transmitted via different carrier frequencies or by interleaving bits and bytes. (Source: http://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com)

2: The portion of an input/output channel associated with a specific input/output operation. (Source: www.answers.com)

Sub Data

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: As it is used here, this refers to a distinguishing field in the subscriber data associated with AdWidget data. Zip code is one such field. But others (e.g. has voice, has HBO etc) may be useful for grouping data in reports. (Source: FourthWall Media)

Sub Domain

July 26, 2012

See also: Top Level Domain, Child Domain
CIMM DEFINITION: A domain that is a sub-set of a larger hierarchical domain name in the Domain Name System of the global internet. It is a more specific portion of a domain name and is used to create more locator files of a web domain without needing to register a new domain name. The hierarchy is as follows: The Root Level Domain, the Top Level Domains, the Second level Domains and then Sub Domains.


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A contracted consumer of a particular product or service. (Source: Nielsen)

2: Subscriber database that can link STB ID to postal code and a demographic code. (Source: BigBand Networks)

3: An individual who has contracted with a cable company to receive cable television services. Individual with services provisioned for video services on cable video (analog or digital), HSD, etc. at residential, commercial or MDU locations. Does not include individuals contracted for non-video services, such as HSD-only or Phone-only services. (Source: CTAM Advanced Cable Solutions Consortium, DAI Metrics)

NOTE – Counted by the STB or by the household?

Subscription Model

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A revenue model that charges for content on a per piece or clustered content basis.


July 26, 2012

See also: Tier
CIMM DEFINITION: Bundles of channels offered as a package

Super App

August 30, 2012

See also Always On App

CIMM DEFINITION: An application that is always “on” and actively monitors behavior, reacts to device events, pushes notifications and/or shares information or data with other applications on the device.

See also: Advanced Set-Top Box, All-In-One, Digital Set-Top Box, Enhanced Set-Top Box, Set-Top Box
CIMM DEFINITION: Same as “All In One” Set-Top Box. Set-Top Boxes that have more advanced features. Are more likely to be integrated with such services as DVRs, high-speed internet access, interactive TV, digital video recording and gaming.

Superbowl Effect

July 26, 2012

See also: Capping
CIMM DEFINITION: Different capping indicators for long viewing sessions. The Superbowl is an example of viewing for long periods without changing the channel. (Source: Kantar Media Audiences)


July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: An interstitial format developed by Unicast which is fully pre-cached before playing. Specs are 550 x 480 pixels (2/3 of screen), up to 100K file size and up to 20 seconds in length. (Source: IAB)


July 26, 2012

See also: Grazing
CIMM DEFINITION: When a viewer grazes over various channels, networks or any series of content in short time spans without viewing it.

2: Exploring the World Wide Web. (Source: IAB)

See also: Subscription Model, Video On-Demand
CIMM DEFINITION: Same as Subscription Model but for VOD services. Examples are HBO On-Demand and Showtime On-Demand.

2: Impulse viewing of a selection of programming with full pause, fast forward and rewind functionality for a flat monthly charge. Note: “Premium On-Demand” is the preferred consumer term for this service.

3: Enables subscribers to a particular tuning source to view content from that source on demand. (Source: MRC)

4: The ability for a viewer to pro-actively choose and view a piece of video content at their convenience through any video consumption device, including their television. Content is served and viewed upon request and is based on subscription mode availability. (Source: Nielsen)


July 26, 2012

See also: Branded Content, Spotlights, Advergaming, Sweepstakes, Content & Section Sponsorships
CIMM DEFINITION: On the internet, it is a form of sponsorship which can range from branded sweepstakes on the site to a full-fledge branded contest with submissions and judging. (Source: IAB)

Switch Away

July 26, 2012

See also: Retention
CIMM DEFINITION: The percentage of households who were tuned to the first frame of the commercial or advertisement but who tuned away before the last frame. (Source: TRA)

Switched Unicast

July 26, 2012

See also: Switched Digital Video
CIMM DEFINITION: A form of switched digital video in which each active subscriber receives a unique stream.

Switching Fabric

July 26, 2012

See also: Network Fabric
CIMM DEFINITION: The combination of hardware and software that moves data coming in to a network node out by the correct port (door) to the next node in the network. (Source: searchstorage.techtarget.com)

Symmetric DSL

July 26, 2012

See also: Asymmetric DSL, Digital Subscriber Line, High Speed DSL, Very High-Speed DSL
CIMM DEFINITION: Similar to High Digital Subscriber Line, SDSL is an HDSL variation that is rate adaptive, uses one cable pair and is offered in speeds from 144 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps. Like HDSL, SDSL does not share lines with analog phones. (Source: PC Mag.com)

Synch to Commercial

July 26, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Non-video ad unit that is synchronized to a broadcast commercial; may include ability to click to video ad.


July 26, 2012

See also: Brain Synchronization

CIMM DEFINITION: The ability to connect electronically to multi-platforms such as a television set to a tablet, computer or mobile phone.

2: In neuroscience, it is the use of stimuli to better engage brain activity, enhancing attention and engagement. Also known as brain synchronization. (Source: SyncSense.com)

CIMM DEFINITION: An application or hardware designed to help incorporate and often aggregate various disparate streams of datapoints.

NOTE – All streams must be matched (audio and video) before viewing.

CIMM DEFINITION: Syndicated programming measurement poses a challenge in Set-Top Box data measurement because programming line-ups and program title and episode coding must be nationalized and aggregated over various time periods, channels and networks.

System Software

July 26, 2012

See also: Operating System
CIMM DEFINITION: Underlying software that enables all other software to run.