CIMM DEFINITION: A free open source language used in Big Data statistical analysis. Used for statistical computing and graphics, it compiles and runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms, Windows and MacOS.


Rack Mounting

CIMM DEFINITION: Part of a multiple server installation where computers must work together in close proximity.

NOTE – Rack mounting simply refers to the fact that the systems are placed in an equipment rack.  (Source: Invidi)

Rain Fade

CIMM DEFINITION: The interference with satellite communications due to moisture and various forms of precipitation (such as rain or snow) in the signal path between end users or ground stations and the satellite being utilized. The effects are less pronounced on the lower frequency ‘L’ and ‘C’ bands, but can become quite severe on the higher frequency ‘Ku’ and ‘Ka’ band. (Source: www.wikipedia.com)

Rate Card

CIMM DEFINITION: The list of advertising prices and products and packages offered by a media company. (Source: IAB)


See also: Household Rating

CIMM DEFINITION: The percentage of a sample or population or a census that is tuned to a program, or during a time period or an ad or any piece of content out of the entire population or census. Types of ratings include household, Set-Top Box, program, dynamic viewer segment etc., as well as types of viewing whether “live,” linear or playback.

2: The audience tuned to a channel program or spot in a given time frame divided by the selected universe. This is not reach based. (Source: Kantar Media Audiences)

3: Rating defined as the average second viewed.  It is calculated as the total viewed seconds divided by the duration of the specified period times multiplied by the In-Tab.  Can be calculated by delay of viewing (live, near live, same day, within three days, within seven days) (Source: TIVO)

NOTE – Standardization – What is “live” viewing? Nielsen uses twenty-five seconds of viewing while TIVO counts viewing within 5 seconds of the originating time.

NOTE – In order to gauge viewership, the boxes are “pulled” at a certain point in time. The channel that the box is turned to at that moment is the channel that gets credit for the viewership. Box pulls might be regarded as ratings (in the case of a partial footprint), delivery or perhaps a new metric?

NOTE – “If you don’t have an element of time, you don’t have rating. Ratings are much more about time than they are about the population. There has to be some element of ‘average quarter hour’ or ‘average minute’ or similar, or it’s not a rating.” (Source: Glenn Enoch, ESPN,)

Rating Points

See also: Rating

CIMM DEFINITION: The aggregated total of ratings, whether a gross rating point (GRP) or a Targeted Rating point (TRP).

2: The same as GRPs (Source: TRA)

RBOC abbr Regional Bell Operating Companies

CIMM DEFINITION: The smaller, regional telephone companies (also known as Baby Bells) created as a result of the break up of AT&T Bell System.

NOTE – Fragmentation of the Telco market impacts measurement.


See also” Ad Serving, Latency

CIMM DEFINITION: When used in reference to online advertising, one server assigning an ad-serving or ad-targeting function to another server, often operated by a third company. For instance, a Web publisher’s ad management server might re-direct to a third-party hired by an advertiser to distribute its ads to target customers; and then another re-direct to a “rich media” provider might also occur if streaming video were involved before the ad is finally delivered to the consumer. In some cases, the process of re-directs can produce latency. (Source: IAB)


See also: Unduplicated Audience, Cume

CIMM DEFINITION: The amount of unduplicated homes or audience, expressed either as a percentage or in thousands who have viewed or tuned at least once during a time period or program or any piece of content.

2: Unique users that visited the site measured over the course of the reporting period, expressed as a percent of the universe for the demographic category. (Source: IAB)

3: The total number of unique users who will be served a given ad. Real time – events that happen live at a particular moment. When one chats in a chat room, or sends an instant message, one is interacting in real time. (Source: IAB)

Reach (in thousands)

See also: Cume (in thousands)

CIMM DEFINITION: The total number of unduplicated homes, Set-Top Boxes  or viewers who have viewed or tuned at least once during a time period or program or any piece of content.

2: The total number of people who have contacted at least once during a plan. An item is a daypart, program, spot. (Source: Kantar Media Audiences)