Enriching Media Data: Quality is Key Requisite for Maximizing ROI

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This important CIMM study is my most recent Big Data work for the Marketing and Advertising industry.

The Marketing and Advertising industry has been frenetically stitching together consumer data from a potpourri of sources that include TV set top boxes, tablets, smart phones, desktop PCs, magazine circulation, retail stores, online stores and warehouses. The goal of combining all these data sources is to create a sandbox of insights for improving marketing and advertising ROI through enhanced segmentation and targeting. CIMM’s research found that end users of the data like what they see: an uptick in consumer response from media spend but feel there is room for improving data quality. Some data suppliers are reticent to reveal the “special sauce” ingredients that go into creation of target segments. This non-disclosure, in turn, fans the flames of discontent among end users, who feel that transparency is the key to understanding the business decision-making power of the data. The CIMM study provides a roster of questions end users can ask of data suppliers and covers quality assurance measures taken by data firms to ensure consumer authenticity for targeting in advertising.


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