4A’s, CIMM Team To Assess ‘TV Attribution’ Providers (MediaPost)

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by   @mp_joemandese

The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) are teaming up to study, analyze and compare leading TV attribution providers utilizing data from smart TV and digital set-top boxes.

The organizations said the study will evaluate 15 TV attribution providers, but did not disclose which ones. They said the analysis is a follow up to a report the two organizations collaborated on earlier this year assessing nearly 30 so-called attribution providers across a wide variety of models.

That study, which was conducted by Sequent Partners, can be downloaded here. It covered firms providing attribution analysis for digital, cross-platform, multi-touch, television and marketing mix modeling. Sequent will also work on the new TV attribution study.

The groups cautioned that a “significant challenge with digital attribution studies has been the error of attributing all advertising impact to digital media because they are the only media measured in the model.

“If TV networks, agencies and advertisers want to better quantify television’s contribution, it needs to be integrated into attribution models with more granular, household-level data. Given the recent explosion in providers offering these models, users are advised to thoroughly understand the quality of the TV data and analytical methods used to conduct the studies,” they said in a statement announcing the initiative.



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