July 23, 2012

See also: Retention

CIMM DEFINITION: Percentage of commercial time lost to channel changing among viewers who were present in seconds prior to the start of the commercial. The opposite of retention. It is the average of individuals who viewed a segment immediately before of an event and who disconnect during the event. The Infosys audience analytics platform enables users to create custom categorizations of ad-skipping by a number of variables including channel program, daypart etc., (Source: Kantar Media Audiences)

2: Specific second-by-second tune out of program or commercial content. (Source: Nielsen)

3: Technical term when the cable Set-Top Box  needs to tune away from the existing channel the viewer is on to a different channel to acquire data or performance other functions. Example of this is launching an unbound EBIF applications from an in-band data path. IN that scenario, the EBIF application downloading requires a Tuneaway. (Source: FourthWall Media)

4: The interaction when a viewer changes the channel away from an interactive asset or application. This is one type of negative interaction. (Source: CTAM Advanced Cable Solutions Consortium, itv Metrics)