CIMM DEFINITION: A separate hand held device that is electronically connected to media equipment to help control utilization preferences (such as channel choice) from a certain distance.

2: A device which issues commands to any other device (TV, STB, Stereo etc) enabling the user to control functionality from a distance. (Source: Nielsen)

NOTE – There is data in the Remote Control that can help with Set-Top Box on / TV off measurement, among other things.

NOTE – Data normally stored on STB, not remote. (Source: TIVO)

NOTE – Extant Remote Controls shipped used with Cisco and Motorola STBs do not store data. Also, the TV control signals sent by the remote to control the TV are filtered by the low-level IR drivers in the STB, and not accessible. (Source: FourthWall Media)

NOTE – The use of the on / off button on the remote is problematic since it acts as a toggle and is not the only way to turn on / off the set. It will be very easy to get out of sync using this button. (Source: Invidi)