July 24, 2012

See also: Delivery

CIMM DEFINITION: The delivery level of a piece of content such as video or within a time period or a daypart or a home or a Set-Top Box or a group thereof. Often expressed in thousands.

2: The number of hits a spot received over some specified period. (Source: Kantar Media Audiences)

3: The total number of counts for the advertisement or specified group of advertisements or for the total campaign during a specified period of time. (Source: TRA)

4: Instances of an online advertisement for the purposes of reporting and billing. (Source: IAB)

5: Single instance of an interactive app or assets “opportunity to be seen” on the television (TV) which can be measured for the purposes of performance analysis, reporting and billing; may be per device or per interactive TV household (iTVHH) and reported accordingly. 100,000 used as an example for calculation

Purposes (Source: CTAM Advanced Cable Solutions Consortium, itv Metrics)

6: A measurement of responses from a Web server to a page request from the user browser, which is filtered from robotic activity and error codes, and is recorded at a point as close as possible to opportunity to see the page by the user. (Source: IAB)