ETV abbr Enhanced TV

July 24, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A general term that refers to interactive services and applications provided in conjunction with video programming. ETV is used in particular in reference to Two-Screen Solutions TV + PC services. Generally users of these ETV services have their TV and computer in the same room, and navigate their web browser to a particular program-specific Web site that is synchronized to the live program by the broadcast TV network. Alternatively, some computers have TV tuner cards, or some TVs offer web browsers.

2: A specification by CableLabs which allows deployment of interactive content on “thin-clients” such as the Motorola DCT 2000 (with over 15M platforms deployed) and Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2000 as well as OpenCable (OCAP) host devices.  (Source: Unisoft)

3: A type of interactive television technology which allows content producers to send data and graphical “enhancements” through a small part of the regular analog broadcast signal called the Vertical Blanking Interval. These enhancements appear as overlays on the video and allow viewers to click on them if they are watching TV via special set-top box/software services. (Source: IAB)