See also: Interactive Programming Guide

CIMM DEFINITION: An electronic program guide is an application that displays television program information, including program name, start time, and duration. (Source: CableLabs)

2: Same as an Interactive Programming Guide. Enables digital television viewers to search, filter and customize program listings and access content. (Source:

3: An on-screen guide of television programming and other On-Demand content and services which users may navigate and select by means of their Remote Control or similar device. (Source: Nielsen)

4: Often refers to the scrolling non-interactive guide like the TV Guide Channel.

5: An application that allows the viewer to interactively select their television programming. The development of applications enhancing the EPG such as dynamic video selection, recording options and more, is a high growth area. Currently, the EPG allows the viewer to also access summaries of shows, the ability to set recording times, show program length and names of crew members, as well as the ability to select content via categories. More advanced EPG (also called Interactive Programming Guides -IPGs) applications enable the viewer to select shows to record over several weeks every time a show or a selected movie star appears on the schedule Ultimately, EPGs will enable the TV set to learn the viewing habits of its user and suggest viewing schedules. (Source: