CIMM DEFINITION: In measurement it is the ability to garner user, consumer or viewer information from several different advertising or media platforms for a campaign.

2: In computing is it a software, application or hardware that can work on various systems such as Macintosh and Windows.

3: In marketing it is using several forms of media to advertise a brand or product.

4: In gaming it is a game that can be used on several different gaming consoles.

5: “Specific to media measurement, the term seems to address the ability to measure how unique viewers consume content across multiple viewing mediums, following the user, not the content.” (Source: Rentrak)

6: “In a digital cable context, it may be software that can execute on disparate cable systems, particularly Motorola and Cisco. EBIF applications are cross-platform, in this sense.” (Source: FourthWall Media)

NOTE – Set-Top Box Data provides the potential for Cross Platform measurement within bundled homes.