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CIMM unveils new additions to its lexicon of terms and definitions

for the media measurement industry


New York, NY, August 15th, 2016 – The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) today announced new additions to its lexicon of terms and definitions for the media measurement industry.


The Lexicon, originally introduced in 2010 to develop a common language for facilitating the integration of Return Path Data into media measurement, was updated once before, in 2012, to incorporate new terms introduced through innovations ranging from cross platform to dynamic content applications.


This new version, Lexicon 3.0, has been created to encompass a rapidly changing media environment and recognizes everything from the digitization of content and advertising to IoT, programmatic and VR.


“The challenge of updating the Lexicon has grown vastly more difficult since 2010,” says Jane Clarke, Managing Director and CEO of CIMM.  “Even as this Lexicon was being updated, new terms and definitions were emerging almost daily.  But with this rapid change, the need for having a common language that we can all align on and understand is even more essential to the continued evolution of cross-platform media measurement.”


For Lexicon 3.0, CIMM has added some 900 new terms to a list that now numbers more than 2500.  A full of copy of CIMM’s Lexicon 3.0 can be downloaded at


Here’s a sampling of some of the new terms:




Also known as “interstitial” ads, between-the-page ad units display as a user navigates from one webpage to the next webpage. The ad appears after the user leaves the initial page, but before the target page displays on the user’s screen. Typically, the ad is self-contained within its own browser window, but may also appear briefly as an overlay on the target page rather than in its own browser window. (Source: IAB)



A critical part of the bitcoin peer-to-peer payment system. The public ledger of all Bitcoin transactions that have ever been executed.



When a mobile phone has a flawed software that renders the device permanently disabled.



(A portmanteau of bro and programmer) is a satirical, slang term for a male programmer in a fraternity-like milieu.


Cue Conflict

A theory to explain the kind of motion sickness caused when the body tries to interpret conflicting clues being received by the senses. Frequent causes are faulty calibration of eye devices or delay between the sensory inputs and output display. (Source: freeflyvr)


Daisy Chain

See also: Waterfall

The linking of ad networks in order to ensure that an ad will be served in order to optimize revenues. For example, a flat CPM will be assigned to each network and the network with the higher agreed-upon CPM will be first in the daisy chain. If, for some reason, the network can’t deliver an ad above or equal to that flat price, it passes the ad request back. The ad request is then redirected to the second network in the chain. (Source:


Data Kidnapping

A software exploit in which the attacker encrypts the victim’s data and demands payment to remove the restriction and reestablish the data. Usually the result of ransomware malware being loaded unsuspectingly on a victim’s computer or website.



Treating anything digital as a magical marketing tool. The erroneous presumption that digital is all powerful for marketing.
Eyeball in the Hand

A metaphor for visualized tracking where the tracker is held in the hand and is connected to motion of the projection point of the display. (Source: freeflyvr)



See also: Project Beetlejuice

Those who participate in Netflix’s Project Beetlejuice program.



Another term for Fan-Gating. Most commonly used to increase the number of “likes” on a Facebook page.


Micro Moments

Occur when people reflexively turn to a device—increasingly a smartphone—to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something. They are intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped. (Source: Google)



A shorted, condensed episode of a full length television program created specifically for viewing on the screen of a mobile phone or over the internet and usually lasting between 30 seconds and five minutes.


Mullet Strategy

“Business in the front. Party in the back.” Coined by the Huffington Post where the front pages of content look professional and business-like while the secondary or back pages are more informal, open to and allowing for user feedback, play, argument and venting.


Romance Scam

See also: Scam, Internet scam

A form of internet scam where thieves use social media, dating apps, dating websites, email and other online services to pretend to be romantic companions in order to form a duplicitous connection with the intent to steal from the lonely heart.


Script Kiddie

See also: Skid, Script Bunny, Skiddie

In programming and hacking culture, an unskilled individual who uses scripts or programs developed by others to attack computer systems and networks and deface websites. (Source: Wikipedia)



A skunkworks project is a project developed by a small and loosely structured group of people who research and develop a project primarily for the sake of radical innovation. The terms originated with Lockheed’s World War II Skunk Works project. (Source: Wikipedia)


About CIMM


The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) is comprised of leading video content providers, media agencies and advertisers that aim to promote innovation and foster efficiencies in audience measurement for television and cross-platform video. CIMM explores and identifies new methodologies in audience measurement and verifies these approaches through a series of pilot tests and studies conducted with independent measurement companies. CIMM’s primary focus is on two key areas: the current and future potential of television measurement through the use of return-path data, and new methods for cross-platform media measurement.

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