Obstructed Views

July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: The Set-Top Box indicates a viewing session where the set is tuned to a channel but viewer cannot view any of the channel content because they have not subscribed to that channel. Tuning onto a channel that is displaying a slide saying that the network is subscription only.

See also: Tru2Way

CIMM DEFINITION – A standards-based software technology platform that enables two-way interactive services on the television and other devices within a cable system. This platform enables consumer electronics, programming, and cable companies to deliver interactive services, programming, and advertising on retail and cable devices. (Source: Definition currently under review by CableLabs)

2: An operating system layer designed for consumer electronics (like a Set-Top Box) that connect to a cable television system where the cable company can control what programs run on the viewers device. (Source: Wikipedia)

3: The old name for tru2way. (Source: FourthWall Media)

ODM abbr On Device Meter

July 25, 2012

See also: Electronic Mobile Measurement

CIMM DEFINITION: An old term for Electronic Mobile Measurement.

Off-Site Measurement

July 25, 2012

See also: On-Site Measurement

CIMM DEFINITION: When a site forwards its log files to an off-site Web research service for analysis. (Source: IAB)

See also: Pixel, LCD

CIMM DEFINITION: A technology that creates displays that are less power hungry and more efficient than existing LCD technologies. Unlike LCD, OLED pixel sites use organic materials that produce their own light, removing the need for a backlight. Initial OLED devices were somewhat prone to performance degradation over time, which is one of the reasons they did not start replacing LCD displays on a wide scale in mobile devices until late 2008. (Source: http://www.mobileburn.com)


July 25, 2012

See also: Video On-Demand

CIMM DEFINITION: The ability for a viewer to pro-actively choose and view a piece of video content at their convenience through special channels on their television. Content is served and viewed upon request.

2: A selection of channels designated for requestable commercial content.

3: An entertainment service that allows viewers instant access to content such as movies, cable series, original programs, educational programming, premium channels, news, sports and more.  Programming from the content provider is delivered by the consumer’s cable operator.  The On-Demand content can be free, subscription based, or paid for on a transactional basis.  Consumers control what they watch and when, with features such as play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, stop and resume.  Preferred to “Video On-Demand.”

4: Unbound EBIF applications are sometime called On-Demand Applications. (Source: FourthWall Media)

5: The ability to request video, audio, or information to be sent to the screen immediately by clicking something on the screen referring to that choice. (Source: IAB)

On-Site Measurement

July 25, 2012

See also: Off-Site measurement

CIMM DEFINITION: When a server has an appropriate software program to measure and analyze traffic received on its own site. (Source: IAB)

CIMM DEFINITION: A group of corporations and associations who have come together to introduce and promote business-wide actions that create an environment of trust and foster the protection of individuals’ privacy online. (Source: IAB)

CIMM DEFINITION: A trade association representing a segment of online publishers. (Source: IAB)

Open Captioning

July 25, 2012

See also: Closed Captioning, Captioning

CIMM DEFINITION: A form of text captioning where the text is a permanent part of the video or visual picture, as opposed to Closed Captioning which is turned on and viewable at the discretion of the viewer.

Open Web

July 25, 2012

See also: Social Web

CIMM DEFINITION: A de-centralized world community where anyone can create a website or web service and browsers can work, unfettered  with many locations, entities and companies without limitation. Other components include transparency, compatibility of code, open standards and sources, fluid two-way communication, integration and ease of use for the end users. 


July 25, 2012

See also: Permission Marketing, Opt-In Email, Opt-Out

CIMM DEFINITION: A form of consumer choice requiring that consumers affirmatively give permission for their information to be used for specific purposes.  In the absence of affirmative permission, the information gatherer may assume the information cannot be used for those purposes.

2: Refers to an individual giving a company permission to use data collected from or about the individual for a particular reason, such as to market the company’s products and services. See permission marketing. (Source: IAB)

Opt-In E-mail

July 25, 2012

See also: Opt-in, Opt-Out, Permission Marketing

CIMM DEFINITION: Lists of Internet users who have voluntarily signed up to receive commercial e-mail about topics of interest. (Source: IAB)


July 25, 2012

See also: Opt-In, Opt-In Email

CIMM DEFINITION: A form of consumer choice requiring consumers to affirmatively decline permission for their information to be used for specific purposes.  In the absence of such affirmative notification, the information gatherer may assume that it can use the information for other purposes

2: When a company states that it plans to market its products and services to an individual unless the individual asks to be removed from the company’s mailing list. (Source: IAB)


July 25, 2012

See also: Media Optimization, Campaign Optimization, Bandwidth Optimization

CIMM DEFINITION: In a media buy the ability to reach as many of consumer segments as possible in a buy for the least amount of money. In Set-Top Box data, the ability to improve a system’s efficiency by reducing run time, improving memory capability or increasing Bandwidth etc.

NOTE – We’d argue definition of optimization is much broader. For example, it is the ability to continuously tune targeting based on feedback to drive optimal ROI.  (Source: Visible World)


July 25, 2012

See also: Buy

CIMM DEFINITION: In Video On-Demand, Order starts playback for transaction-oriented pay content.

2 : An order is calculated whenever the subscriber initiates a new Rental Period. (Source: CTAM Advanced Cable Solutions Consortium, DAI Metrics)

3 : A billable On-Demand transaction for an asset during the lease / rental window.


Original Buy GRP

July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: The amount of grps in the original advertiser buy in the context of a rebuy. (Source: TRA)

Original Buy TRP

July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: The amount of TRPs in the original advertiser buy in the context of a rebuy. (Source: TRA)

Original Reach

July 25, 2012

See Reach & Frequency

CIMM DEFINITION: The percentage of households in the report group that the ad schedule reached in the original buy in the context of a rebuy. (Source: TRA)

OS abbr Operating System

July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: The software that manages hardware and resources on a computer. Applications use the operating system to make requests for services and interact with the computer’s devices. Or the software that controls the underlying hardware, performs the most basic functions for managing the resources of the hardware, and provides services to other software such as applications. (Source: CableLabs)

2: The most important program on a computer. Once loaded, it performs basic tasks and manages all other programs and resources in a computer.

OTA abbr Over The Air

July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Can either mean terrestrial television signals that are not transmitted digitally or, with cell phones, the ability to distribute and upgrade software wirelessly.

2: Households that receive broadcast signals only on their television sets, with no connection to cable, satellite or another form of  Alternate Delivery System (ADS).  An individual, operating TV set in the home can also be designated as OTA if it has no such connection as described above. (Source: Rentrak)

See also: Page Display

CIMM DEFINITION: When a page is successfully displayed on the user’s computer screen. (Source: IAB)

See also: Multichannel inheritance

CIMM DEFINITION: The number of Set-Top Boxes  that stayed tuned to the network to be counted in the first 90 seconds of the following program. A retention metric. (Source: Kantar Media Audiences)

Out of Band

July 25, 2012

See also: In Band

CIMM DEFINITION: Return channel stream, interactive, upstream. (Source: FourthWall Media)

Out of Home Viewing

July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: Any viewing that is done outside of the primary residence,  currently measured home whether in a bar, hotel, office, group home, dorm, second home, vacation home etc., Currently not measured by Nielsen (although Nielsen has an expanded college dorm sample).


July 25, 2012

See also: Reboot

CIMM DEFINITION: When a system or a STB is unavailable to do its required function because of a (temporary) problem.

Outlet Error

July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: The degree to which people who shop at different stores exhibit markedly different responses to a creative execution or exhibit a substantially different pattern of purchase response based on the program types in which they see this commercial execution. (Source: TRA)

NOTE – TRA has yet to observe or quantify this hypothetical type of error; TRA hypothesis is that such error is minimal based on homogeneity of response to creative across shoppers at different stores; to be studied.

Over The Top

July 25, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: When the TV receives a signal that is irrespective of the Set-Top Box.

2: Content viewed that is delivered via broadband streaming or download. (Source: TIVO)


July 25, 2012

See also: Bugs

CIMM DEFINITION: Visual baseline pop-ups added to a TV commercial  reflecting the call-to-action prompts with instructions on how to use the remote for interactivity. According to the IAB, Overlays are clickable banner ads that appear on the bottom 20% of the video window. (Source: Mercury Media)

2: Overlays also used to refer to STB screens that have transparency and are displayed over video. (Source: TIVO)

3: The individual pages or screens displayed by an EBIF application over top of video. In some context, “overlay” is used to describe an entire EBIF application, regardless of the number of actual pages or screens it displays. (Source: FourthWall Media)