Report: Television Data Match Rate & Bias Study

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Identity resolution is crucial to advanced television targeting and attribution. These techniques often depend on successfully matching device-level or household-level TV viewing data with other datasets to target based on audience characteristics, retaining the scale and integrity of those demographic or behavioral characteristics. No matches are perfect; matching is a complicated blend of art and science. High match rates are very beneficial in TV planning and activation processes. However, assessing the accuracy of these matches is essential to create strategies to address any potential measurement biases. Combining high and precise match rates can improve the reliability and efficiency of the entire measurement process.

This CIMM study, conducted by Sequent Partners, Pre-Meditated Media and Janus Strategy & Insights, was undertaken to provide more insight and explanations into the processes and results generated by data matching and identity resolution, focused exclusively on matches with television viewing data.

To download the study, click below:

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