Report: Privacy and the Future of TV Advertising

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The rise of CTV, on-demand streaming and advanced TV offerings present incredible opportunities for advertisers. They are accompanied by privacy-forward regulations and platform policies that have arisen to address consumers’ demands for privacy.

When it comes to embracing the latest television advertising offerings, businesses can proactively mitigate the impact of future privacy changes by identifying areas of potential risk and adjusting their current planning, activation, and measurement practices accordingly.

CIMM and the 4A’s jointly commissioned an industry-first study with consulting firms ThinkMedium and Shullman Advisory to answer the question: How will privacy-related shifts by regulators and platforms impact the TV advertising landscape and the data associated with planning, activation and measurement practices?

The Report:

  • Examines the influence of an ever-growing roster of state-level privacy laws and platform requirements on the future of TV measurement and advanced TV advertising, and potential solutions for the advertising ecosystem
  • Offers a structured approach to understanding partner and technology solutions and their underlying data sets within a complex, ever-changing landscape – a fundamental step to navigating privacy-forward practices
  • Proposes four frameworks that break down the complexity of privacy in the advertising industry by detailing stakeholders, use cases, privacy themes, and established and emerging solutions and technologies
  • Provides a Solutions Heatmap that assesses the privacy risks and relative efficiency and industry adoption across many types of solutions (weighted to provide Overall Viability Scores)
  • Was developed with input from the 4A’s, CIMM, our members and a steering group of industry leaders and legal experts


After carefully considering the findings and reviewing the assessments, determine your business’s risk tolerance by using the heat maps in the report to guide your business initiatives and investments.

Download the Report

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