Industry Think Piece: The Future of Media, Advertising, Measurement & Currency

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As part of our program, CIMM commissions papers, think pieces and perspectives from industry analysts, experts and thought leaders – to provide insights and occasionally provocative perspectives on critical issues of interest to our Coalition of members.

The studies always involve original research, but unlike our larger studies, are not peer reviewed and do not generally involve a Project Steering Group. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in these papers belong solely to the authors, and not necessarily to CIMM, the author’s employer, organization, research interviewees and participants, or to any other group or individual.

Based on industry analysis performed on an ongoing basis by Brian Wieser of tech and media consultancy Madison and Wall, along with extensive discussions with a range of experienced industry participants, this paper – The Future of Media, Advertising, Measurement & Currency – explores considerations related to the future of media trading, measurement, and currencies over the course of the next decade.

To read the full report, click the link below:

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