Industry Think Piece: ROI and ROAS Measurement – Sophistication Ascending

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As part of our program, CIMM commissions papers, think pieces and perspectives from industry analysts, experts and thought leaders – to provide insights and occasionally provocative perspectives on critical issues of interest to our Coalition of members.

The studies always involve original research, but unlike our larger studies, are not peer reviewed and do not generally involve a Project Steering Group. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in these papers belong solely to the authors, and not necessarily to CIMM, the author’s employer, organization, research interviewees and participants, or to any other group or individual.

This report – ROI and ROAS Measurement: Sophistication Ascending – from Bill Harvey Consulting, explores:

  • Why there is a resurgence in MMM
  • The most promising new developments in ROI and ROAS measurement, including MMM, singlesource, random control trials, MTA, agent based modeling (ABM) and other new methods
  • How MMM is evolving along as a result of these measurement and optimization methods

To read the full study, please click the link below:

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