C3 Rating

CIMM DEFINITION: A term used to represent the average of a live rating for a (national) commercial minute and up to three days of DVR playback viewing.

2: Average Commercial Minute (ACM) rating that includes time-shifted viewing within 3 days (75 hours) of the live program telecast. (Source: Nielsen)

3: The average commercial second rating including live tuning to a  program plus 75 hours of DVR playback. (Source: TRA)

CAAS abbr Common Advanced Advertising System / Canoe Advanced Advertising System

CIMM DEFINITION: Originally conceived as a system designed to provide a centralized platform for the planning, execution, billing, and measurement reporting of advanced advertising services.  A core tenant of a CAAS is to implement standard interfaces to communicate advertising campaign delivery instructions as well as common metrics gathering and reporting interfaces across different operating entities.  Canoe Ventures has implemented a CAAS, named the ‘Canoe Advanced Advertising System / Canoe Advanced Advertising Platform,’ which is a national platform stewarding advanced advertising services across MSOs. (Source: Definition currently under review by CableLabs)

2: A new advertising system utilizing the standards in SCTE-130, CableLabs’ EBIF, and Canoe’s Advanced Advertising to deliver advanced and interactive advertising products on cable operators’ linear television and On-Demand platforms. (Source: FourthWall Media)

Cable Converter

See also: Set-Top Box, Digital Television Adaptor

CIMM DEFINITION: An early term for a type of Set-Top Box. It is an electronic device attached to the television set that converts the feed into an analog signal that is then viewable on non-digital sets. Currently a Cable Converter box also unscrambles digital signals.

2: Equipment in the homes of cable subscribers used to convert cable signals to normal TV channels. “Addressable” cable converters also allow cable operators to activate, disconnect or unscramble the signal received by a subscriber. (Source: Nielsen)

Cable Modem

CIMM DEFINITION: A device that permits high speed connectivity to the Internet over a cable television system. (Source: IAB)

Cable Network

See also: Cable Television, Broadcast Network, Broadcast

CIMM DEFINITION: The system network for the distribution of the television signal and now digital data and telephony services by cable (co-axial, twisted pair or fiber optic). (Source: itvt.com/glossary)

Cable Plant

CIMM DEFINITION: Term which refers to the central equipment and broadcasting headquarters of a cable operator. All initial broadcasts from the content providers are sent to the cable plant, aggregated, re-encoded, and broadcast to its Set-Top Box  network. (Source: itvt.com/glossary)

Cable Ready Set

CIMM DEFINITION: A television set which includes an analog tuner which can plug directly into a video cable without an intervening Set-Top Box. Since there is no return path to the central office, channel changes made on a cable ready set are not visible to existing server log collection systems. (Source: Nielsen)

Cable Television

See also; Cable Network, Broadcast Network, Broadcast

CIMM DEFINITION: A television content provider that does not have affiliated local stations or owns and operates local television stations but who distributes video, internet and/or telephone signals to subscribers via a cable, through a phone line or via satellite.

2: A non-broadcast facility which distributes signals of one or more television stations and non-broadcast services to subscribers via cable. (Source: Nielsen)

Cable Zone

See also: Zone

CIMM DEFINITION: Same definition as Zone but with only cable homes.

Cable Zone Addressable TV Advertising

See also: Community Addressable Messaging

CIMM DEFINITION: A form of Advanced and Addressable TV Advertising where a single ad placement can simultaneously feed different ads or versions of the same commercial to different segments based on attributes of the cable zone geography. (Source: Visible World)