Enriching Media Data: Quality is Key Requisite for Maximizing ROI

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In recent years the Marketing and Advertising industry has accelerated the integration of large data sets to provide richer insights for linking advertising and promotional efforts with consumer response. These applications have reached critical mass for digital media placement and are gaining traction in the TV advertising arena. The sheer volume and appearance of different types of data will likely increase in the future while the industry fast tracks Big Data capabilities. While “fast” is the operative word, there is concern among many researchers and analytic experts about the completeness, quality and transparency of these data as well as their applicability for consumer segmentation and marketing and media investment decisions. Furthermore, considering the expanding number of data sources, there’s a need to examine the notion of data harmonization and standardization of nomenclature to make the data integration process simpler and more accurate for end-users.

The primary purpose of this document is to help inform CIMM members and the general media community about the quality, recency, consistency and representative aspects of the data being offered up by third-party data providers. The secondary purpose is to provide feedback on the industry’s appetite for master data and reporting standardization.

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