Cross-Media Advertising Effectiveness Using Passive Measurement of Ad Exposure

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  • Passive Measurement significantly improves the practicality of cross-media measurement
    • Higher survey response rates, fewer dropouts
    • Future technology eliminates tagging altogether
  • Limited overlap between Online and TV campaigns shows importance of multiple platforms for full campaign effectiveness
  • Online and TV exposure together drive synergistic response however media targeting determines duplication
  • TV ad viewers typically spent 30 to 40 percent of ad viewing time using a mobile device
    • Suggests further research about the role of mobile in TV ad effectiveness
  • The addition of the ad recognition information with an OTS methodology helps clean both the control and exposed groups
    • Using ad recognition in conjunction with passive measurement allows the creation of experimental groups that reflect our understanding of what the definition of control and test should be
    • Control = did not see add and did not recall seeing the ad
    • Test = saw the ad and did recall seeing the ad
  • Bottom line: a new consistency has been achieved in the definitions of test and control across TV and digital media.

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