Cross-Platform Measurement

Framework for Cross-Platform Measurement

CIMM’s cross-platform initiatives fall into three areas, representing key aspects of cross-media measurement: planning, verification of exposure and metrics. For attribution, see our Attribution and ROI section.

Cross Platform Project Roadmap

Television Data Interoperability and Household ID Resolution Design Initiative (2020)

Cross-Platform Metrics:

Whitepaper on the Industry Opportunity for Standardized TV/Video Ad Impressions

Featuring interviews with nearly 30 influential decision makers and thought leaders across media and advertising, the research examined the current state of cross-platform video ad measurement. The study, conducted by Artie Bulgrin, EVP, Insights and Strategy, MediaScience, focuses on the challenges to launching the new cross-media audience measurement standard developed by the Media Rating Council and assesses whether the industry is ready for individual ad ratings.

Cross-Platform Planning:

USA TouchPoints

(Pilot Tested in 2011; launched in 2013, closed down in 2018)

How can marketers understand how consumers are using all forms of media separately and in combination at any time during the day or week in the context of daily life?  TouchPoints is a consumer-centric planning tool used extensively in the U.K. that CIMM Pilot-tested with the Media Behavior Institute.  TouchPoints used an innovative smartphone app that helped consumers record all media behavior in the context of daily life.  The sample was based on GfK/MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer, and provided a hub of cross-media usage behavior that could be linked to all media currencies to provide a scalable planning tool.

CIMM-MBI USA TouchPoints Study

CIMM UK Touchpoints Study

Cross-Platform Verification of Exposure:

CIMM/comScore Whitepaper:

Total View: Measuring the Changing Video Landscape (2015)

This was a CIMM Pilot Test with Comscore to test new methodology for cross-platform measurement across ten major media brands including broadcast TV and cable TV networks, as well as their digital media counterparts.

Through this methodology, detailed in a new white paper, “Total View: Measuring the Changing Video Landscape,”  available for download here, a better understanding of how content consumption is evolving in a cross-platform world is now emerging.

Multi-Screen Measurement (2013)

How can buyers and sellers of media measure the unduplicated reach and frequency for cross-platform ad campaigns and cross-platform programming?  CIMM sponsored the “first-ever” separate proof-of-concept Pilot Tests with both Comscore and Arbitron (now owned by Nielsen) to measure usage of TV, online and mobile from the same person.

comScore Multi-Screen Measurement Study

Arbitron Multi-Screen Measurement Study