RFI for Open Standard Technology to Bind Media Identifiers to Video Essence

CIMM and SMPTE (Society for Motion Picture and Television Engineers) has formed a study group tasked with developing a report recommending a way forward toward an open standard for the binding of media identifiers (such as registered EIDR and Ad-ID identifiers) to essence that will survive compression and distribution through the entire supply chain, all the way to delivery to consumers.

Pilot Study on “Single Source” Cross-Platform Ad Effectiveness

As marketers are using more and more channels to communicate with prospects and customers, there is a need to improve the methods used to assess the effectiveness of each channel and the synergistic combination of channels.  This RFP requests proposals for a “single source” pilot test that would combine TV exposure data with exposure data for as many other digital media as possible (at least one media in addition to TV, including either online, mobile and/or tablets) and link the cross-platform exposure data with purchasing and/or brand impact measurement in at least two product categories, such as CPG, Pharma or Auto.

Pilot Study on Cross-Platform Video Exposure Measurement

This RFP requests innovative solutions for scalable measurement of the exposure to video content and ads for the same individual across all available screens, in particular TV, smart phones, online and tablets.  We are open to considering a variety of approaches that may or may not include single source or hybrid panels or calibration panels, fusion or data integration, use of return path data, use of smart phones as data gathering devices, and other new technological solutions not yet in use for audience measurement.

RFI for STB Data

CIMM’s first project in 2009 in examining STB data was to send an RFI to key vendors processing STB data to understand the state-of-the art of extracting and processing the data, and its strengths and limitations.

RFI for Cross-Platform Measurement

CIMM’s first project in examining Cross-Platform Measurement was to send an RFI to key vendors involved in developing cross-platform measurement products.