August 14, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A keyboard is a wireless device that a viewer uses to interact with various screens on their television.  Not many applications supply them just yet, but some depend on them for credit card entry, email, etc.,  The keyboard can be set up like a typewriter with the QWERTY format and may use control keys for jump functions.  Where a wireless keyboard is not available, some applications have been including an on-screen keyboard which can either be in traditional ABCDEF listing or the QWERTY format.

Keystream Data

August 14, 2012

See also: Clickstream Data

CIMM DEFINITION: The collected measurement of all keys / buttons pressed on a TV Remote Control, along with precise timing for each keypress. This term has been coined to resolve the ambiguity of “clickstream” which has been used in various contexts to represent linear channel change data or key press data, or both. (Source: FourthWall Media)


August 14, 2012

See also: Search Engine Marketing

CIMM DEFINITION: Specific word(s) entered into a search engine by the user that result(s) in a list of Web sites related to the key word. Keywords can be purchased by advertisers in order to embed ads linking to the advertiser’s site within search results. (Source: IAB)

See also: Cross KPI

CIMM DEFINITION: A defined set of raw measurement values that are fed into systems to help ascertain progress and success of a project or organization.

See also: Bitrate, Bits Per Second, Megabits Per Second

CIMM DEFINITION: A measure of bandwidth on a data transmission medium. (Source: searchnetworking.techtarget.com)