Widgets – Ad and TV

July 23, 2012

See also: Apps

CIMM DEFINITION: Another name for “applications”. Small software programs that have a distinctive purpose or use.

 2: Ad Widget is an authoring and campaign management solution for interactive advertising that operates either independently, or by augmenting existing linear campaign management systems, for the effective management and delivery of interactive enhancements. TV – a suite of bound and unbound, Emmy-nominated, EBIF User Agent-agnostic EBIF applications such as news, weather, sports, finance widgets, eBay on TV widget, Fantasy Football widget, and local Search widget such as Yellow Pages on TV. (Source: FourthWall Media)

 3: A small application designed to reside on a PC desktop (Mac OS X or Windows Vista) or within a Web-based portal or social network site (e.g., MySpace or Facebook) offering useful or entertaining functionality to the end user. (Source: IAB)