See also: IPTV, Open Cable Application Platform

CIMM DEFINITION: The branded name for the OpenCable™ Application Platform (OCAP™) including Host, CableCard™, OCAP™, and other components. It is a standards-based technology platform that enables two-way interactive services on the television and other devices within a cable system.  This platform enables consumer electronics, programming, and cable companies to deliver interactive services, programming, and advertising on retail and cable devices. (Source: Definition currently under review by CableLabs)

2: A Set-Top Box that can hyperlink with the web and provide two way communication.

3: Tru2way is a brand name for interactive digital cable services delivered over the cable video network, for example interactive program guides, interactive ads, games, chat, web browsing, and t-commerce. The brand also appears as “<tru2way>” and is used to market cable services, applications, and devices that support the tru2way cable architecture. Tru2way includes a middleware technology that may be built into televisions, Set-Top Box es, digital video recorders and other devices. Because the middleware is based on Java technology, it enables cable companies and other interactive application developers to “write” applications once and see them run successfully on any device that supports the tru2way architecture. (Source: Wikipedia)

4: The interactive TV standard for use cable systems. It replaces the term “OpenCable Platform” and is CableLabs’ brand for the OCAP middleware standard.  (Source: Unisoft)

NOTE – Tru2way is the new name for OCAP. (Source: FourthWall Media)