July 25, 2012

See also: Dual Tuners

CIMM DEFINITION: Can be used to refer to a Set-Top Box that has two or more tuners or two or more outputs so that two or more televisions are served by the same Set-Top Box. Can hook up to four televisions on some dual tuner STBs.

2: A Set-Top Box containing more than one television tuner enabling the user to simultaneously view and record content from different tuning sources. (Source: Nielsen)

3: STB or DVR with more than one tuner that allows viewing and recording (potentially of multiple channels) at once. May also be used with thin client STBs that do not have a tuner. (Source: TIVO)

NOTE – Multi-Tuner does not require multiple outputs. It is typically available in DVRs allowing the subscriber to watch a show while recording another or to simultaneously record two shows.  (Source: Invidi)