iPTV abbr Internet Protocol TV

July 24, 2012

See also: Internet Television

CIMM DEFINITION: Ability of either the television or the Set-Top Box to interface with the internet like a Modem offering two way communication such as through the internet.

2: “A term used to describe the distribution of television content via the internet.” (Source: Nielsen)

3: A system where a digital television service is delivered using Internet Protocol over a network infrastructure, which may include delivery by a broadband connection. A general definition of IPTV is television content that, instead of being delivered through traditional broadcast and cable formats, is received by the viewer through the technologies used for computer networks. (Source: itvt.com/glossary)

4: “An interface that examines guide activities including exposure to banner ads, engagement via click-through, switch to VOD, request for information, tune to channel, record programs etc.,” (Source: Kantar Media Audiences)

5: Also referred to as Over the Top viewing. (Source: TIVO)

6: A video programming delivery infrastructure, built upon a high-speed IP data network, in which a single video channel is narrowcast to each home from the head end, and channel changes are sent to the head end to change channels. Most common among Telcos providing TV services, but commonly seen as the successor cable’s extant Hybrid Fiber-Coax (HFC) network. (Source: FourthWall Media)

7: Generally, iPTV is a system that uses Internet Protocols to render audio and video. The finer details can change depending on who’s using the term. Web users who refer to iPTV are usually talking about Web video. In that case, iPTV is a synonym for broadband, streaming, and wireless video. (Source: OMMA)

8: Internet protocol content provided by network operators and others over closed networks. Can provide a single stream to multiple clients simultaneously (multicasting).

NOTE – Incredible potential to shift viewership from cable operator signal to viewing on the internet. (Although the cable operator will control both signals and can narrow the delivery pipe or charge more for some usage.)