See also: Electronic Program Guide, Navigator

CIMM DEFINITION: Also known as EPG (Electronic Program Guide) or ESG (Electronic Service Guide), the IPG is enhanced television that offers viewers an advanced on-screen display to locate content such as available networks / channels, VOD offerings, program listings, show descriptions, schedules, ratings, genre, channel and user preferences. Offers a range of viewer services, the ability to switch to desired content, view future program offerings and implement DVR options with current and future viewing choices.

2: Associated with Digital Cable where a viewer can interact with the guide through the remote to choose their viewing through genre, channel, time, premium, etc.,

3: A digital guide to scheduled broadcast television or radio programs, typically displayed on-screen with functions allowing a viewer to navigate, select, and discover content by time, title, channel, genre, etc., by use of their Remote Control, a keyboard, or other input devices such as a phone keypad. (Source: IAB)