Individualized Television

July 24, 2012

See also: Multi-Camera Angle, Mosaic

CIMM DEFINITION: This technology allows viewers to control camera angles during live events, select which commercials they want to watch, and generally control a selection of choices content producers provide as part of the broadcast. E-commerce and interaction with those commercials is possible. In the backend, servers collect choice information and offer viewers further selections based on those choices.  This is enabled by the careful management of multiple video streams to one TV screen in which small windows capture video programming in one view. The viewer is able to switch to each window using their Remote Control one at a time. When they do so, the audio of that channel becomes active and, therefore, audible. Some applications enable other interactive graphics that overlay or sit within the frame of the screen that the viewer can also access. Companies pioneering this type of application are Sky Digital in the UK and DISH in the US. (Source: