CIMM DEFINITION: Those consumers who have highly changeable purchasing patterns of behavior within a specific product category in which they buy heavily, indicating low brand loyalty in that category, and who have a propensity to sometimes switch brands, be motivated by advertising and marketing messages or other sales related messages or inducements.

2 . A term coined by TRA which is a combination of two consumer purchasing categorizations – heavy overall category purchase combined with occasional purchasers of the specific brand.

3: Heavy category purchasers who have bought a brand before, are the HSPs for that brand. For most mature packaged goods brands, HSPs are the ROI Driving Target for television advertising ROI. The reason is because advertising is a “light tap” that rarely causes someone who has never bought a mature CPG brand before, to suddenly buy it; instead, TV advertising does most of its incremental sales generation for mature CPG brands by getting homes that have already made it into a brand’s consideration set i.e. they have bought the brand before, to buy more of it than they would without advertising. HSPs are not simply ardent brand switchers. HSPs are specific to each brand, there is no such thing as e.g. soft drink HSPs or facial tissue HSPs i.e. HSPs are not a category level phenomenon but they are instead a brand level phenomenon. (Source: TRA, registered term)