Data Type

July 24, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: The various data that are delivered via the Set-Top Box or other sources like the television remote. Examples include: Linear, DVR, VOD, ELECTRONIC PROGRAM GUIDE, ITV, Remote Control.

2: One type of viewer-generated activity measured on a Set-Top Box, including: keystream data (i.e., button pushes via a remote), interactive data (i.e., response measurement from interactive applications and ad enhancements), linear viewing data (i.e., channel changes), and explicit interest data (i.e., information provided by the viewer to an interactive application, such as stock symbols, favorite sports team, or yellow pages search terms). (Source: FourthWall Media)

NOTE – MSO, Satco, Telco, remote are all data sources that create data types.

NOTE – Other types of data are third party data sources that are used on segmentation. (Source: Invidi)

NOTE – No remote data is available, except on TIVO, but may be available through more advanced boxes and not through legacy boxes. (Source: FouthWall Media)