See also: Keystream Data

CIMM DEFINITION: A record of usage activity, for example, a visitor clicking on the internet or a viewer watching through a Set-Top Box using a remote, that is used for advertising measurement in an anonymized form.

2: “STB data representing button pushes via a remote.” (Source: Nielsen)

3: “A combination of all viewer-generated activity measurement on a Set-Top Box, including keystream data (i.e., button pushes via a remote), interactive data (i.e., response measurement from interactive applications and ad enhancements), linear viewing data (i.e., channel changes), and explicit interest data (i.e., information provided by the viewer to an interactive application, such as stock symbols, favorite sports team, or yellow pages search terms).” (Source: FourthWall Media)

4: The electronic path a user takes while navigating from site to site, and from page to page within a site. (Source: IAB)

5: A comprehensive body of data describing the sequence of activity between a user‘s browser and any other Internet resource, such as a Web site or third party ad server. (Source: IAB)