Click Throughs

July 21, 2012

See also: Clicks, In-Unit Clicks, Mouseovers

CIMM DEFINITION: The act of clicking on an interactive link whether on a computer or through a digital television box to go to another site or location for additional content and which may result in clickstream data.

2: “The process of clicking on an interactive trigger to access additional content, often expressed as a rate.” (Source: Nielsen)

3: “On the web, a single mouse click on a banner ad serves to express interest in the ad, and to navigate to a subsequent page. But for interactive TV advertising, a click or button press on the Remote Control may serve either or both functions depending on context. Typically, several clicks serve to navigate through the sequence of ad overlays, with a final click signifying acceptance of an offer or opt-in. Thus, interactive TV (EBIF) advertising reporting (e.g., AdWidgets) distinguishes between clicks —signifying activity and navigation— and responses —signifying acceptance, or opt-in. In this context, a “response” more closely matches the meaning of a “click through” in the web context.” (Source: FourthWall Media)

4: The action of following a link within an advertisement or editorial content to another Web site or another page or frame within the Web site. (Source: IAB)

Note – Ad click-throughs should be tracked and reported as a 302 redirect at the ad server and should filter out robotic activity to avoid Click Fraud. (Source: IAB)