July 21, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: A transmission path between two points. The term channel may refer to a one-way path or, when paths in the two directions of transmission are always associated, to a two-way path. It is usually the smallest subdivision of a transmission system by means of which a single type of communication service is provided, i.e. a voice channel, teletypewriter channel, or data channel. (Source: CableLabs)

2: A frequency band assigned by the FCC for AM, FM or TV transmission. Each broadcast television station is permitted to operate on only one channel. Channels are assigned geographically to minimize interference between stations. (Source: Nielsen)

3: A band of similar content. (Source: IAB)

4: A type of sales outlet (also known as channel of distribution), for example retail, catalogue, or e-commerce. (Source: IAB)

NOTE – Broadcast or Cable channel.

NOTE – A TV station may broadcast in both HD and SD. (Source: Invidi)