CIMM DEFINITION: Channel assignments by the operator that map to the networks and services offered. Sometimes shared between two or more networks and are often changeable and volatile.

2: A list of channel information that’s used by both the cable headend and the cable Set-Top Boxes for viewers to select channels to watch. Channel information in the channel map includes channel number, channel name (both the short and long descriptions), tuning information for the Set-Top Box , source information, and other headend related information. Multiple Channel Maps may be used for the same market; thus requiring care in making the proper identification of a specific channel from viewing data. (Source: FourthWall Media)

NOTE – In some cable plants, reporting of channel map changes to external data providers (e.g., Tribune) may lag days or weeks behind the actual implementation of the changes. (Source: FourthWall Media)

NOTE – Changes often and therefore impacts measurement editing rules. Nielsen diary editing rules for example have three elements – channel number, network call letters and program name. If first two match but program name is wrong, credit goes to the channel number and call letter station. But argument could be made that viewer knows the program they watched but may not recall channel and call letter.