See also: Footprints

CIMM DEFINITION: Among boxes returning data, it is the complete number of Set-Top Boxes  or homes in a Cable, Satellite, Telco or other set-top data provider’s footprint. As opposed to a sample or panel which is a subsection of a population and not the entire population. In some cases, a census is whatever amount of homes or Set-Top Boxes  the data provider sends to the data processor.

2: According to Rentrak, a Census is every Set-Top Box in the house and/or every house that has service in the footprint.

3: A complete count of a population or universe. (Source: Nielsen)

4: The total number of Set-Top Boxes  or households collected in a given time frame, expressed by using the mean day’s count.. The key phrase is “boxes returning data.”  Not all systems / Set-Top Boxes return data on a regular basis. (Source: Kantar Media Audiences)

5: A complete count of every EBIF-capable Set-Top Box in the digital cable footprint or universe. (Source: FourthWall Media).

NOTE – Not always provided by the data processors, for various reasons. Definitions for Census vs. Footprint vs. Universe vs. Coverage Area vs. Population sometimes overlap.