See also: STB On / TV Off

CIMM DEFINITION: The agreed upon amount of time that the Set-Top Box is on before it is decided that no one is watching the television because the television set is turned off.

2: Part of a process by which abnormally long viewing records are edited to fall in line with known viewing behavior. (Source: Kantar Media Audiences)

NOTE – What protocols should be used to decide on when there is SOSO?

NOTE – Current processors offer varying solutions. Nielsen matches streams to the people meter boxes. Kantar Media Audiences, TIVO and Rentrak use a series of algorithms. Another company will use an entirely different data source that is currently in development.

NOTE – The TV On/Off buttons in current digital cable Remote Controls generate signals that are filtered out by IR drivers in the STB, and are not accessible to application level software. Also, FourthWall Media generates custom behavioral models per Set-Top Box to estimate the probability of viewers actively paying attention to content. This probability estimate is provided in addition to the complete stream of measurement data to aid editing by subsequent data processors. (Source: FourthWall Media)