July 21, 2012

CIMM DEFINITION: To guarantee continuous and fluid playback without any spurts, the data stream or video may be received a few seconds before it is viewable by the end-user. This smoothes out the fluctuations of the data stream for a better viewing experience.

2: The buffer is used to store the stream as it comes in.  It is placed in an area of memory and then the playout is performed from that memory as opposed to going directly to the output port.  Buffers are used by Internet video providers to gather enough data ahead of time so that there is little jitter or delay in the signal.  Buffers are also used for writing the video to a DVR for delayed playback within a single session. (Source: Invidi)

3: Buffer is also used to refer to a cache of live television where viewers can rewind.  For DVRs, this buffer or cache can be 30 minutes or adjustable.  Viewers can view this content without having recorded it.  (Source: TIVO)

NOTE – Buffer is an issue for measurement if it occurs as a “live event”, that is as a non-DVR non-“recorded” playback where there may or may not be ad skipping.